Vigil: viewers are having nightmares over episode five cliffhanger 

Did any Vigil fans sleep well on Sunday night?!

BBC’s popular drama Vigil took things to a new level on Sunday night after ending on a horrifying cliffhanger - and viewers took to Twitter to admit that they believed that the final moments of episode five would give them nightmares. 

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In the show, Detective Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) discovers that there is a nerve agent onboard HMS Vigil, and manages to take it to one of the torpedoes to flush it out into the ocean at the same time as her partner, Kirsten, discovers that there is a Russian agent on Vigil. After completing her mission, Amy is knocked out by the agent only to find herself placed into one of the torpedoes, which begins to start filling up with water. 

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Taking to Twitter to discuss the terrifying final moments, one person wrote: “Genuinely sooo stressed over whether Amy survives and over how traumatic the ending was, gonna have nightmares but THIS SHOW IS SOO GOOD I AM HOOKED!” 

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Another person added: “Well I didn’t like my brain being left with that final scene #Vigil," as a third person wrote: “That ending is going to give me nightmares, it may even top when Yvonne died in Bad Girls which I’m still not over btw.” Another viewer tweeted: “I’m claustrophobic and can’t stop watching Vigil. Probably won’t sleep tonight.”

Will Amy survive her ordeal?

Speaking about playing the challenging role, Suranne previously explained: “I happen to have had experience with anxiety and depression myself and have been on medication, so my life research was enough for that. It's a really modern theme and I'm glad that we're covering it in the way that we are and putting it into a mainstream show that covers it within entertainment. 

“Because I think things talk to an audience when they're being entertained. I think that's the best way we get interested in stuff. Think how many times you have watched a show and been on google looking subjects up that are covered. Sometimes we discount it as 'it's just a TV show', but actually I think it's a really important way of educating people.” 

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