Gogglebox star reveals the one thing they're not allowed to do on show – and we've never noticed

Did you realise that this was a rule?

Former Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jr has revealed that there is one thing that the cast are not allowed to do on the show, and we're surprised that we've never noticed before!

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Chatting to The Sun, Tom previously revealed that the producers banned the cast from drinking alcohol during filming, explaining: "We weren't allowed to order or drink alcohol, because I don't think the show would work if we were all there slurring our words. It would be a different type of show!"

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This rule must have been put into place after Steph and Dom left, we suppose! Tom also chatted about what he loved about being on the show, saying: "The good thing with Gogglebox when I was part of it is was it was genuine.

However we felt about a show we were allowed to say how we felt about it. If they wanted to use it, they used it, they never tried to push us to say anything or say more interesting things."

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Former cast member Sandra also recently revealed that the cast are not allowed to take on other television work while appearing in Gogglebox. Replying to a fan who said she missed her on the show, Sandra tweeted: "After Sandi left I [missed] her so much.

The cast aren't allowed to drink alchol during filming

"Plus it was a contract show... you can't do certain shows like Big Brother if [you're] on Gogglebox. Anyway, I'm happy five years on [the] sofa was good enough."

The series will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023, and Amy Tapper has revealed that her family might be making a special appearance for the one-off occasion.

Posting on Instagram Stories in 2021, she wrote: "For now I don't think [we'll be back] but I think next year or the year after is the 10th anniversary of Gogglebox so who knows. Maybe we'll come back for a cheeky series."

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