Will Jamie's ghost finally be explained in Outlander season seven?

We need answers! Especially during Droughtlander!

Although they have already began filming, we may still have quite a while to wait before Outlander season seven is here - and fans have been speculating whether the mystery of Jamie's ghost from season one (and indeed, since the first novel came out in 1991) will finally be explained in the upcoming series to pass the time. So who is this Scottish ghost and what is his significance? Here's what we know... 

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In the first episode of the show, Claire's husband Frank sees a man - who is widely thought to be Jamie - watching Claire from outside of a hotel in 1946, but disappears when Frank tries to question him. Fans of the novels have spent decades trying to figure out how Jamie found himself in the 20th century, and indeed whether he really is a ghost at all.

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The author of the series, Diana Gabaldon, has previously confirmed that it is our hero who is stood outside of Claire's window Speaking about what it all means on her website, she wrote: "The ghost is Jamie - but as for how it fits into the story, all will be explained - in the last book."

She also previously opened up about the mystery in the Outlander podcast, explaining that Jamie is a young man when he appears at the window. She said: "Sam Heughan asked me and I hadn’t thought about it before but I just answered him immediately, ‘He’s about 25.’"

Season seven is currently being filmed

Fans have come up with their own theories behind the moment, with one person suggesting it was a near-death experience following the battle of Culloden, as the dates match up and Jamie would have been just shy of 24 at the time.

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They wrote: "It could have been Jamie astral-traveling in his dreams at some point soon after Culloden. Doesn't Jamie tell Claire that he dreamed of her once when she was in the future, and that she was sitting at a table and holding something in her hand?"

Why do you think Jamie's ghost is there?

However, it looks like even the book fans will have a while to wait and find out, as the ninth novel in the series, Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone still hasn't revealed what the ghost is all about. We'll have to wait until the tenth and final novel to know for sure! 

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