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7 questions we have after watching Stranger Things season four volume 2 trailer

Warning, spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season four volume I!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Stranger Things season four volume II is right around the corner, with fans only having to wait until 1 July for the final two episodes of season four. However, to keep the hype alive, Netflix has released the full-length trailer for volume II - and it has left us with many questions…

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Did Eleven create the Upside Down?

In the opening moments of the trailer, Papa can be seen thoughtfully examining the spot where Eleven slammed 'Number One' AKA Vecna into the Upside Down - and it looks like it could be the same spot where she managed to open the gate which leads us to ask - did the Upside Down even exist before Eleven sent Vecna there? It is frozen in time on that very same day after all…

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How did Nancy get out of Vecna’s hallucination?

In the final moments of volume one, Nancy finds herself hallucinating about Vecna, which as we know means that she’s about to be his next victim. However, in the trailer she’s alive and well - albeit looks rather unhappy - so how was she saved? Cue theories on what Nancy’s favourite song is!

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What’s the gang’s plan?

Honestly, at this point we are clueless in how they are going to defeat Vecna, but according to the trailer, which sees them suit up to enter Victor Creel’s home and go back into the Upside Down, they have some sort of plan.

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How does Will know about Vecna?

Will has definitely had some spooky sort of connection to the Upside Down ever since he was there for such a long time in season one, and it looks like his neck tingle has kicked off again as he explains Vecna’s plan to Mike. So how does he know so much?

mike will stranger

Is someone going to die?

Robin’s ominous comment that she has a feeling that things "won’t work out for us this time" shouldn’t be ignored. With plenty of fan chatter suggesting that one of the teens will be killed off before the show is finished, we think Robin’s statement is a foreshadowing for whoever is getting the Game of Thrones treatment. Just so long as it isn’t Steve.

What did Jason do?

In a redeeming moment for Lucas, who ditched his Hawkins-saving friends for the chance at being a jock for a moment there, the trailer shows him passionately punching Jason. The only thing is that this is very unlike Lucas, unless something huge has gone down. The last time we checked on Jason, he was setting a town mob on Eddie - so do we think he might have succeeded?

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Does Eleven get her powers back?

In the final moments of the trailer, Eleven has her trademark nosebleed while appearing to use her powers at long last - so have they really come back, and are they back for good?

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