Inside Man viewers extremely divided over major twist ending - here's why

Major spoilers ahead!

The BBC's new drama, Inside Man, finally arrived on Netflix recently and viewers are divided over the dramatic conclusion. 

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Starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, the four-parter follows a vicar in a quiet English town, a murderer on death row, a maths teacher trapped in a cellar and a journalist looking for a story. 

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In the final episode, viewers watched as [spoiler alert!] Mary met a tragic ending while trying to return Janice's laptop and keys to her house.  

Meanwhile, after realising that Janice had assumed either he or his dad were responsible for the content on the memory stick, Ben became enraged and hit Janice round the head with a hammer.  

Harry rescued his son from the cellar, which was slowly being filled with carbon monoxide, before calling the police to take the rap for Janice's murder.  

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However, upon realising that the maths tutor was still alive, he tried to finish the job but was stopped by Beth, as well as a group of men with spades and axes, who were sent by Grieff from prison (who is still yet to reveal why he killed his wife).  

The series landed on Netflix recently

In a final mid-credit scene, fans watched as Janice visited Grieff in prison, with the tutor seeking to have her husband murdered. 

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the mysterious ending, with some left a little underwhelmed. One person wrote: "Some very unnecessary scenes in the #InsideMan. Meanwhile it ends without us knowing the entire story of the guy who solves the case" while another added: "That can not be the ending?!"

A third person tweeted: "Pacing is an issue. Tennant's story has too many twists, Tucci's story needs more time, and the ending is very rushed."

Viewers were divided over the twist ending

However, a number of viewers also took to social media to praise the gripping episode, with one person defending the drama: "#InsideMan best thing on #netflix right now you won't see anything that happens coming and at the end....brain explosion."

A second fan added: "That final! Hitchcockian suspense, twists and turns, dark humor and Tennant and Tucci overacting...brilliant. And a decent ending," while another added: "Excellent series! A Death Row detective? A murderer solving murders? Brilliant!"

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