David Beckham's most iconic hairstyles: Cornrows were 'a bad decision'

From headbands to ponytails, David Beckham has sported many iconic hairstyles over the years – but some of them he'd sooner forget. The 39-year-old former soccer star spoke about some of his most notorious hair experiments during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, including the mohawk he famously wore back in 2001.


“I don’t know why I had that one,” the star confessed, before revealing he was made to get rid of it by Manchester United’s former manager Sir Alex Ferguson ahead of a match at Wembley Stadium. "I was in the dressing room with an hour to go before kick-off when Sir Alex Ferguson saw it and made me shave it off.

“I said no at first, but then I saw his face change very quickly so I went and shaved it off in the toilet. He was very strict. It was the reputation of the club, he wanted all the players to look professional and he felt it wasn’t the right look. We were playing at Wembley too, so he kind of had a point.”

Dad-of-four David went on to talk about some of his other notable hairstyles during the interview. “Some of them have been really bad. I hadn’t thought them through,” the style icon confessed. “The topknot wasn’t too bad, but the [cornrows] were a bad decision!

“It was bad timing as well as I was going to South Africa at the time with England and ended up meeting Nelson Mandela so that’s why I regret that one.”

The former footballer was asked whether his designer wife Victoria Beckham has a big say in what he looks like. “No, she doesn’t,” he replied. “Obviously she’s my wife, so I ask her opinion and sometimes I listen – well most of the time I listen – and sometimes I don’t.”

Photo: © tumblr