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Top 5 best apps for perfecting selfies

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Whether it's Kim Kardashian is sharing yet another flawless snap or Hilary Duff showcasing her enviable figure, the selfie has become one of the most popular ways of taking photos on social media. However, we all have our off days where blemishes can get us down, or the lighting in a room is off, ruining a group selfie with friends. We take a look at the best photo editing apps to help you achieve the perfect selfie...

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kim kardashian© Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashian often shares selfies with her fans on social media

Aviary Photo Editor

Whether you're taking a new selfie or want to adjust an existing one, this app has handy tools including whitening teeth and brightening up your skin for a healthy glow. As well as having its own 12 photo filters, this app allows you to show your playful side with your selfies, either by adding stickers or memes, or choosing from a series of colourful frames to make your selfie more noticeable. The app also includes a tool that allows you to upload your photos immediately to social media to share them with friends and family.


Kim Kardashian is reportedly a huge fan of this free app, which allows you to undergo a full makeover including shaping your eyebrows, banishing dark circles, and even contouring your face. Love experimenting with your beauty look? This app also allows you to try on different shades of lipsticks and eyeshadow, as well as experimenting with various hairstyles and colours.


One of the main features of this app is that you can apply any of the customised filters to a specific area rather than the whole photo, making for unique images. Contouring your face with features including heightening your cheekbones, smoothing skin and removing imperfections, and remove any flyaway hairs for a flawless finish. Want to try out a new look? Try different shades of make-up including a handy tool to make the colours really pop for a vibrant look.

kim kardashian© Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is reportedly a fan of the Perfect 365 app

Cam Me

Go hands-free with this nifty app which lets you take a selfie of your outfit without having to hold your phone. Instead, the app reacts to your hand movement so you can take a step back, make the motion of clicking a camera button with your hand, and your selfie appears. No more mirror selfies for those who want to show off their style!


Whether you're taking a selfie alone or with friends, Pixtr will automatically make changes to your photo by changing the brightness, eliminating any skin blemishes and getting rid of the dreaded red eye effect.

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