Exclusive: Millie Mackintosh talks Birchbox, beauty and expanding her brand

After the huge success of her eponymous fashion line, Millie Mackintosh has set her sights on the beauty world by collaborating with monthly subscription service Birchbox. The 26-year-old has carefully curated the products in the July beauty box, including a Caudalie cleansing water, John Frieda hair products and Love of Colour lip pencil in her own Bohemian Rose shade.

HELLO! Fashion caught up with Millie to discuss the collaboration as well as her other exciting plans, which may see her expanding her empire to incorporate her passion for fitness...



Why did you decide to collaborate with Birchbox?

I actually worked with Birchbox before so I was already aware of what they did and loved the company, so when they got in touch and wanted to collaborate I was really excited because I had the chance to put my own spin on things and really get involved with the products.

I've never done a collaboration with make-up before so I was really excited to make my own product as well. Straight away I was like, 'Can I choose the texture, the colour and get really involved with it?' And they really wanted me to be so that worked really well.

It's with Love of Colour which is Birchbox's own beauty brand, and it's a glossy lip crayon so it's a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick but it's really moisturising as well. It's a sheer colour so it gives a glossy finish and works with a mix of lip tones.

What are the three beauty products you can't live without?

I can't live without a really good moisturising lip balm, and I've always got to have in my handbag a facial spritz of some kind - like a hydrating mist for when I'm travelling, and a good face mask. I like to use a face mask once or twice a week.


You've recently spent the weekend at Glastonbury – how did you keep looking so good in the mud?

I did a lot of outfit changes because I was getting quite rained on. I wore a hat quite a lot to try and save my hair, and I went and had gems stuck on my face. I was feeling quite tired that day and I felt it kind of detracts from everything going on.

I just try to stay really hydrated and I like to keep make-up really natural at festivals so I didn't really wear any eye make-up or anything heavy, it was more about kind of dewy skin and lots of glitter. I think I've only just managed to get it off!

What is your favourite summer hair and beauty trend?

I love sun-kissed bronze skin, lots of illuminator and liquid blushes and bronzers. Or creamy products that give a nice glow on the cheeks. I love bright lips as well and glitter, I love adding pops of colour. For hair I like half up, half down with lots of little braids coming through.

Your fashion line has also become hugely successful – how does it feel to see other people in your designs?

It feels amazing, I love seeing how people have styled it. They tag me in lots of pictures so I refresh it every day and love seeing where they've worn it, how they've worn it and what they've styled it with. It's still one of the best things about having it to be honest – getting that response. If I see people and they tell me they love wearing it that's the ultimate response.

How do you see the line evolving?

I see the line growing up with me a little bit. So as well as the pretty summery dresses I'd like to introduce some tailoring maybe. Next summer I'm thinking of doing a nice suit and maybe introducing some more basics into the line - pieces that are more for every day so you've got something for every occasion and not just for occasions.

Have you thought about making a foray into fitness clothing?

I have, because obviously I love working out and I'm always posting on Instagram, so we'll see. There's a couple of chats going on at the moment so I'm just deciding which way to do it but it's definitely something I'm going to do.

You're known for your love of fitness, would you consider launching a fitness app?

I do get a great response when I post workouts that people can follow. I can't imagine myself doing a DVD, but maybe some kind of app or something definitely. I wouldn't say never – I'm really into fitness and I think that's a good healthy message. So I'd definitely like to do something with it.

What tips would you give to anyone looking to shape up for the summer?

I think it's just finding something you like doing. If you're not into exercise and you want to start doing something, don't force yourself to do something you hate because you're just going to end up unhappy and then you'll probably end up feeling like you're punishing yourself.

It's a balance of finding something that you find really fun, so for me I didn't used to find exercise fun but now I've find the classes that I like, teachers that I like and I can go with my friends which makes me more motivated to go. I think partnering up with a workout buddy is good because you can plan to go together and you can't let each other down.

Have you got any exciting plans for the summer?

I might go to V Festival, I think with Justin Bieber and Rihanna it's going to be really good and it's not that far to go. I think I'm gonna go to Greece maybe in August, but I'll just be around in the UK working for most of July.

The Never-Ending Summer July Birchbox with Millie Mackintosh is now available here. 

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