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Millie Mackintosh says 'it's part of my job to stay in shape' as she talks diet and beauty with HELLO! Fashion

May 18, 2015
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There's no doubt that Millie Mackintosh's schedule is jam-packed – not only is she working on a new fashion collection, but she's writing a book and starring in J2O's new campaign for the launch of J2O Spritz. Amidst all of her projects, she continues to floor fans with her effortlessly glamorous red carpet beauty, and often shares photos as she hits the gym to keep her enviably toned body in shape.

Millie Mackintosh is the new face of J2O Spritz

"I feel like it's part of my job to stay in shape," she told HELLO! Fashion exclusively, speaking about how she stays motivated when it comes to working out. "I think how lucky I am to have access to the trainers and workouts that I do."

The former Made in Chelsea star is renowned for her slender figure and striking abs, but she revealed that when it comes to getting in shape she doesn't have one go-to secret.

"I like to do a blend of classes," the 24-year-old revealed. "I do one cardio class a week – either spinning or Tabata. I like high intensity workouts, or a spin class where you sweat loads and they play really good music."

Millie revealed that she feels it's part of her job to stay in shape

"I definitely dread exercise all the time," she admitted. "But once you've done it, the endorphins are quite addictive."

Millie also revealed that it's not just her fitness where she focuses on staying healthy. "I like a balanced diet," she admits. "I'm more of a savoury person at breakfast – I might have an omelette with spinach and salmon it. For lunch, I like a kale salad with teriyaki chicken and sweet potato. For dinner, I might cook seabass with vegetables. I eat quite easy and simple stuff."

Detoxes and juice cleanses are less appealing for the socialite. "I try to have a green juice a day, but I've tried juice cleanses and they're not really for me," she says. "I like to eat too much!"

It’s not just her incredible figure that has Millie turning heads wherever she goes – she is also renowned for her flawless skin. Having started her career as a make-up artist, she is quick to share some of her biggest beauty tips.

"Cleansing is really important," she says. "I often double cleanse – it's important to give yourself a facial massage as you cleanse to help drain toxins from the face. Exfoliate once a week."

Millie also revealed some of her beauty secrets

When it comes to her daily beauty routine, the reality TV star revealed that she has some go-to products when it comes to creating her glowing complexion.

"I use Sarah Chapman's oil cleanser, and then her Hydrating Booster," she reveals. "I also put on Smashbox BB cream – it's so good and is SPF 30 which is important, especially now it's getting sunny. I mix in Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow to give a really nice, subtle glow."

"I like NARS South Beach stick which is great for cheeks and eyes," she continues. "It gives a sunkissed look."

Millie Mackintosh is launching J2O Spritz; a sparkling new blend from J2O. To celebrate, Millie will be sharing her favourite blends from across the country on her Instagram via #BlendRecommends. To find out more, visit