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5 botox myths - busted!

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It's the 15th anniversary of Botox being used for cosmetics purposes! To mark the milestone, we've compiled a list of myths about the procedure, with help from world-renowned French aesthetic doctor Dr Jules Nabet...

1. Botox is for Older Women

There is a common myth is that botox is for older women. But this is far from true - botox is regularly used as a preventative measure in women in their twenties and thirties, helping with premature ageing and wrinkle development. Dr Nabet actually states that the average age of his female clientele in the UK is 35!

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2. Botox will freeze your face

Not true. "If you can't move your face, it hasn't been done correctly," says Dr Nabet. "It's all about where you put it and how much is used. If botox is performed well, it should be impossible for the untrained eye to tell you've had any. The key is a subtle, understated approach, keeping expression in the face."

3. Botox and fillers are NOT the same thing

Both of these are administered together to treat the face as a whole, but the two products are very different, says Dr Nabet. Botox relaxes the muscles, while filler is used to add volume to areas that become hollow with age.

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4.Botox treats all lines and wrinkles

Unfortunately not. Frown lines on the forehead and crow's feet at the corners of the eyes are two areas that Botox can really help to improve, but deep, vertical lines around the mouth and cheeks won't see much benefit. The reason is that they are vertical lines, which are caused by gravity. To banish those, you need injectable fillers to plump.

5. Creams are Equally Effective

Again - afraid not! No cream can actually banish wrinkles the way botox can. Wrinkle cream only works on the skin's upper layers and cannot be absorbed in the deep layers. However, having botox needs be combined with a great skincare regime, says Dr Nabet. "The one thing that would make the biggest difference to women's skin are vitamins and hyaluronic acid as these plump and freshen the skin.