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Meet the facialist loved by stars including Pixie Lott and Victoria Beckham

Pixie Lott
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Singer Pixie Lott has been having regular facials at a top Mayfair salon to help her overcome stressed skin. The beautiful 26-year-old has become a regular customer of star facialist Linda Meredith, whose Mayfair salon has seen visitors from Madonna to Naomi Campbell. "My skin can be prone to the odd breakout when I am stressed or if I don’t take care of it or drink enough water," Pixie has admitted.

Linda Meredith is the go-to expert for every celebrity with a skincare emergency, but you may never have heard of her. The under-the-radar beautician has also treated Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Julia Roberts and Colin Firth to name just a few, giving them all her signature cleansing and plumping 'Haute Couture' facials.

Pixie Lott© Photo: Getty Images

Some visitors to Linda's Knightsbridge salon are so A-list that staff are not allowed to say who has stopped by, but recent drop-ins are also said to have included Stella McCartney and Penelope Cruz. Linda's special, anti-ageing facials, which cost around £150, are available from trained therapists at spas around the UK and around the world so that jet setters can still get their fix no matter whether they are in Spain, Thailand or Slovakia. Linda designs every facial as a bespoke treatment involving a thorough cleanse, tone and moisturising routine, which ends with a blast of Oxygen into the skin's surface to plump surface lines and push oils deeper into the dermis.

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Gentle extraction is also carried out where necessary followed by a natural micro-glycolic serum to remove dead cells and clean deep beneath the surface. Its anti-bacterial effect helps with the reduction of everyday breakouts and removing dead skin cells softens fine lines and wrinkles. A fine layer of glycolic is applied to sensitive skin and is removed immediately but further layers can be applied to stronger skin creating a firming effect. For prices, bookings and to view an amazing gallery of all of Linda's celebrity clients, visit

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