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Nail jewellery has arrived and it will seriously upgrade your manicure


Anna Johnstone
Anna JohnstoneHead of Social
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Nail art has come a long way since the stick-on French manicures that we remember in our teens. Since the birth of social media, we’re seeing more and more intricate (yet sometimes horrifying) manicures flood our feeds, but the latest one to catch our eye is seriously beautiful. Nail Unistella has introduced the future of nail art, and it’s both elegant and modern - although it may be one that you can’t do in your bedroom.

nail unistella jewellery manicure rings

Photo: Unistella

Nail Unistella showcased their designs on their Instagram page, and we love their simple looks. They’ve had a slew of comments, calling them “futuristic” and “dainty”, and plenty asking how to recreate the looks themselves. Growing up, we were no stranger to fiddly nail stickers, but now we’re totally on board with minimalist, modern nail jewellery. On their website, they say that they “lead trend colors, patterns and styles throughout the nail season” and “want to maximize women's femininity and help style completion". We spoke to Unistella who explained that they are applied with "a screw, which sticks on the nails with nail glue". They also said that they get their designs from "everywhere they can see".

nail unistella jewellery manicure art

Photo: Unistella

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However, they don’t look entirely suitable for our office jobs, because wouldn't those large gems get ever so slightly in the way while we’re typing? And a few people have been quick to point out that attempting to, er, go to the loo may be a tad problematic. But, that’s a risk we’re willing to take to be ahead of the trends when it comes to our manicures...

nail unistella jewellery manicure korea

Photo: Unistella

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So would you give them a try? Currently, you would have to travel to Korea to have you nails jeweled up, so we can only keep our (non-decorated) fingers crossed that they arrive in the UK soon. Why opt for boring plain Shellac when you can have nails this beautiful?

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