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Eat your way to healthy hair with top tips from Raymond Blanc's fiancée

2 April 2012
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As we all know, good quality hair products are imperative. And professional brand Joico, who are specialists in ‘the art of healthy hair’, offer the most luxurious around to give your tresses the TLC they deserve. But eating habits are also crucial when looking at the condition of your hair. So a day’s nutrition course at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School was the perfect opportunity for HELLO! Online to learn about the effect food can have.

Nutritionist, Natalia Traxel, also Raymond’s fiancée, was on hand throughout the informative session to describe in more detail the ins and outs. She explained that in our endless quest to lose weight, we can also end up losing hair. "Crash dieting is extremely dangerous for your hair," she said. "It puts a strain on your body and mind, and this continued can lead to a longer period of shedding and dull looking hair. "In terms of the right foods, she explained that hair is made up of protein, "so it is important to maintain an intake of meat, fish and eggs". Head chef Mark Peregrine suggested making mackerel (see our results pictured below!), which is a great source of protein, not to mention Omega-3, a fatty acid that has numerous health benefits.

Nutritional deficiencies are also detrimental. For example, a lack of iron, biotin or zinc can even cause hair loss. A blood test can determine whether you lack iron - if it's below the recommended level, taking iron tablets or eating more green leafy vegetables, pulses and red meat can stimulate hair growth. For the other nutritional necessities, Natalia suggests Healthspan’s Hair & Nails supplements. "I personally use and can recommend these," she said. "The product provides the recommended amount of biotin and zinc as well as a natural form of bioavailable sulphur. "The sulphur is necessary for the formation of keratin, the key structural component of hair. It is also important to note that an excess of vitamin A can cause hair loss.

Check back tomorrow for the recipes.

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