Kelly Rowland supports safe sex

Singer is ambassador for HIV charity

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Kelly is a committed ambassador for the Staying Alive Foundation which helps young people protect themselves against HIV and AIDS 

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland is a committed ambassador for the Staying Alive Foundation, a charity that empowers young people to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS – nearly half of all new HIV/AIDS cases are among 15-to-24 year olds and more than 3000 young people are newly infected with HIV every day.

“As a Staying Alive Foundation ambassador, I’ve learnt so much about HIV/ AIDS," Kelly says. "The most shocking to me is that so many 15-to-24 year olds are simply ignoring the risk of HIV/AIDS, believing it won’t touch their lives. The reality is that none of us can afford to be complacent, and there’s no cure, no way of turning back the clock.

"The best sex advice I have ever been given, was by someone who is HIV positive, telling me how they wished they had engaged in safe sex. It’s such a simple message, but proved to be a pivotal moment in my life and one I will never forget."

To support the campaign, The Body Shop is now selling a new Tantalising Lip Butter, £5, £3.98 of which goes to the Foundation. In addition to in-store activities from March 27, 2009, there will be an advertising campaign on MTV and web activities at

"A smile can’t tell you anyone’s sexual history and, as I’ve discovered, many people live for years unaware they are carrying the virus – only say yes to safe sex,” says Kelly.