I'm going to have a baby! But will it be healthy?

Without a doubt, having a child is one of the greatest adventures of life, a great journey into new worlds filled with love, emotion, strength and, at times, fear

The initial enthusiasm and nervousness of expectant parents is often combined with a constant concern for their baby's health. But, there's no reason to be scared.

In an overwhelming majority of cases, infants are born healthy and strong. And if those statistics are combined with some precautions, the chance that a baby will begin a healthy life is extremely high.


Being a parent concerns you both

Taking care of yourself is not something that interests only pregnant women. It applies to future fathers, too, as well as to couples planning to adopt or conceive a child at some point in their lives.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help your future children grow up healthily. For example, if no one smokes at home, the baby will be less prone to asthma, bronchitis, ear infections and other illnesses.

Don't torture yourself

It's important not to worry too much. If you're already pregnant and you haven't been taking care of yourself well enough, don't fret – it's always better late than never.

Similarly, it's not good to agonize about the risks that come with pregnancy. Dr. Steven A. Dowshen, a paediatrician specialized in endocrinology, recommends, “Once you take care of the things you can control, try to relax and enjoy pregnancy." 

No pregnancy contains an absolute guarantee concerning the baby's health. Although most newborns are healthy regardless of what their mum and dad do, some can have problems that are unrelated to the parent's habits. In the majority of cases, the parents couldn't have prevented them.

In terms of your health, and especially that of your baby, always follow the advice of your doctor.

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