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Tap into your inner beauty with Hypnogoslow

Check out this relaxing meditation to help your inner beauty shine

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These days, the beauty industry is worth a staggering £3.7 billion in the UK alone, as people across the country snap up the latest products – makeup, fake tans, creams, hair care products, perfumes – to keep themselves looking primped and preened, and feeling their very best. What we often fail to stop to think about is our inner beauty – and how to tap into feeling confident about how we look, and more importantly how we feel, from within. London-based hypnotherapist Claire Benson, the creator of Hypnogogo, a hugely successful mind and body workout, has addressed this oversight – and has created a wonderful, relaxing meditation to help your inner beauty shine – exclusively for readers.


"What does inner beauty really mean?" asks Claire. "It's about noticing the magic in the everyday and really living life to the full. When you are true to yourself and live your life with courage and integrity what you look like on the outside will always reflect the wonderful person you are in the inside." 

“When we radiate an aura of confidence we always look good,” she adds. With this relaxing meditation, which taps into the subconscious mind to help your own inner beauty shine, Claire provides listeners with the tools to access this confidence. 

“As a hypnotherapist I work with many clients to help improve their confidence and self-belief. What’s interesting is that we all have within us all of the inner resources we need," she explains. "When we believe in ourselves and allow ourselves to try it’s amazing what we can achieve. "Hypnosis is a very gentle and pleasurable way to help us connect with our own inner power and let our confidence shine through. I wrote this recording with that aim in mind, to help you tune in to what makes you the amazing, unique and special person that you are because when you let that shine through there’s no doubt you will be beautiful. 

“I think having fun and enjoying your life might well be the most important beauty aid ever, after all, you can’t be anything but beautiful when you’re smiling. Make sure you schedule time for pleasure in your diary every day, it really is that important,” she recommends. 

“Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to be the best we can be and take all the opportunities that life brings us. Gratitude is key to happy life so take a few moments every day and give thanks for all that is good in your life. Focus on what you love, what you have, what you enjoy and you’ll create more of it in your life.”

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