Olympic hopeful Jenna Randall: 'It's great to be British this year'

Jenna Randall, captain of Britain's synchronised swimming team, has told HELLO! Online how it's "great to be British this year with so much going on for the country." 

With the Diamond Jubilee and the London Games just around the corner it's sure to be a summer to remember.

The 23-year-old is getting ready to scoop another medal after winning two silvers for both a solo and duo event at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Out of the pool she's been busy too, as the new face - or legs - of Braun's Silk-epil Xpressive Pro epilator, posing in stunning shots with super smooth pins.

The GB Captain tells us that the London games "is a great opportunity for my sport to be better known by the general public in the UK", how she manages to stay in tip-top shape and, not to forget, that she starred in an episode of The Bill when she was younger.

Are you excited about the Olympics?

Definitely! This is a great opportunity for my sport to be better known by the general public in the UK. In 2008, syncro was the only sport the BBC didn't show on TV so it will be great to get a bit more media attention for our sport.

How's the preparation going?

It’s going really well and we’re hitting all of our goals leading up to the Olympics by training hard and being really focused.


How does it feel to represent Great Britain in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year?

It's great to be British this year with so much going on for the country and I am very excited to be a part of it all!

What would you do to celebrate if you got a medal?

I'd probably go out and celebrate with my family and friends in London. Training means I can't see them as much as I would like to, so that would be my ideal way of celebrating

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee?

We are actually going to be out of the country training so we haven’t made any plans as of yet, but maybe we will have our own mini celebration as a team.

Do you get nervous before an event?

I do get a little nervous, but I get more excited to smash the routine.

Tell us three things about you that people won’t know:

- I'm very scared of spiders
- I am grade 8 on the flute
- When I was younger I was in an episode of The Bill as a nurse

What is your biggest career accomplishment to date?

Winning two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games 2008 in Deli at the solo event and the duet event are definitely my biggest accomplishments to date.

How do you stay in shape?

Well I train for 8-10 hours a day which keeps us in top condition. We do Pilates to help stretch the muscles and keep them lean so we don’t bulk up too much. Our sport is a judged sport, so it’s really important that we look great.

Every day I make sure I eat the right food to be able to train for long periods of time i.e. High protein, fruit and veg and a few carbohydrates for an energy release.

I always make sure I drink two litres of water a day too, as this helps keep my skin look fresh and keeps my body’s system working well.

Do you follow any particular diet? If so, is this when you’re training or every day?

Yes, I am always conscious of what I am eating; it’s such an important way of ensuring I have enough energy for a long day of training.

What’s your favourite make-up bag item?

As you can imagine I spend most of my time with my legs above water so it’s really important that they look great and are kept hair free, so it would have to be my Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Epilator.

It gives me smooth skin for up to four weeks which is great when competing as some competitions last over 10 days so it means I don’t need to worry about hair removal. I can also use it in water which helps reduce any discomfort – I love it!

What's your favourite meal of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner?

For me it's definitely breakfast as it's the only meal where I can really eat a high in carbohydrate meal. I am addicted to Kellogg's Frosted Wheat's at the moment.

How many meals a day do you eat?

Always three - breakfast, lunch and dinner and I don’t tend to snack in between.

What would you say is a good, healthy snack?

Probably chopped up carrots, tomatoes or peppers with hummus as it is low in saturated fat and will also fill you up.

Do you have an icon?

Lance Armstrong – I've always thought he's an outstanding athlete and it's so inspiring to see how much he has accomplished.

Jenna Randall is the face of the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Epilator. For more information visit braun.com/uk

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