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Kickstart your weight loss with top tips from celebrity trainer Jarod Chapman

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As usual, losing weight is back on the list of New Year's resolutions for most of the team at HELLO! Online HQ… And we're guessing that will also be the case for a lot of you. But if you're serious about shedding the pounds this time, it pays to think before you try and slim. Instead of picking the most dramatic detox diet you spot, or spending a small fortune on a gym membership you'll rarely use, spend some time to work out a plan best suited to you.

To help us identify the best approach to shedding the pounds this January, we have enlisted the help of celebrity fitness trainer and Slendertone ambassador Jarod Chapman, who explains that recognising your individual body type is key to maximising results of a healthy diet and training plan. He starts by identifying three main shapes: Skinny/Ectomorph (e.g. Mollie King): 1. Should not skip meals and must aim for six small meals throughout the day to sustain a healthy metabolism – it's especially important to remember to maintain an effective food plan to support daily activities and regular exercise 2. Responds well to slow, focused training and are naturals at the long distance run or fast/explosive sprints 3. To maintain a healthy body shape it's best to apply some strength training as an alternative to cardiovascular exercise Hourglass/Endomorph (e.g Holly Willoughby): 1. Should follow fast and furious exercise routines 2. Suit cardiovascular exercise as it strips away body fat quickly due to the high lean muscle mass to body-fat ratio 3. Responds well to moderate weight and high repetition strength training programme.

Muscular Curves, soft body shape/Mesomorph (e.g. Rebecca Adlington): 1. Should snack on nuts and seeds and drink plenty of water, approximately 1.5 litres, throughout the day as those hunger pangs are more likely down to thirst, not snack-time 2. Respond brilliantly to long cardiovascular workouts such as circuit classes of 30-60 minutes 3. Find that walking after eating a meal helps digestion and increases metabolism. And he recommends using Slendertone, a range of premium products designed to tone specific body areas from the 'inside out', thanks to clinically-proven, electrical muscle stimulation technology. "When training, divide your body into its Upper, Lower and Mid-sections so that each time you train, you can focus on one specific area," he says. "Slendertone products give you the chance to tone up at home, every day, while multi-tasking."

He goes on to identify four simple steps to looking and feeling great in the new year: 1. Use the classic exercise options of running, power walking, skipping, cycling and circuit classes as ways of increasing your cardiovascular health and burning off extra calories. Use your Slendertone Abs belt to work your complete abdominal musculature – using it for just a 20-minute session activates your abdominal muscles more than 120 times – an effortless way to see toning results. 2. Tricep press ups are a great way to tone arms at home watching your favourite film or in the gym. Mix up your routine by using Slendertone Arms, which conditions triceps in the upper arm, helping to strengthen and banish bingo wings in six weeks. 3. Take up a dance class like Zumba, that helps you have fun while you get fit. Keep your derriere pert and firm by wearing your Slendertone Bottom or Bottom Accessory to firm, tighten and tone by working the most important muscles for the bottom – Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus. Using it for just 30 minutes is as effective as 60 reversed leg lifts. 4. Remember to drink 1.5 litres of water a day to aid your metabolism.

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