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Give up for good: How to sustain a smoke-free lifestyle

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It's easy to pick up a smoking habit with a single puff but it's a much less simple task to give it all up. With the nation's smokers vowing to keep that all too commonly attempted New Years resolution to quit smoking for 2013, the mid-month mark may prove trying to even the most resolute. Although Nicotine is the active ingredient at the root of addiction in cigarettes, another main difficulty that arises when trying to cut out the packs is the habit's behavioural component. Smokers are used to having something constantly at hand, whether whilst reading a book, waiting for a train or as a buffer in social situations.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your hands busy in your journey towards becoming smoke-free... 

smoking tips

Get green fingersIt's out of doors where many are tempted to light up taking advantage of the unrestricted situation now that many local areas have placed a ban on smoking. But to get the most of the fresh and open air, keep your hands busy in the soil instead. By planting bulbs ready for Spring you'll be able to pass the day away in an effort to create something truly beautiful – and sucessfully stay off the cigarettes.

Make your dentist proudAny time you have a craving, just brush your teeth or swish with mouthwash to enjoy a clean, fresh feeling instead of smoke.Fake it With the introduction of electronic smokeless cigarettes, you'll feel the familiar comfort of a small stick in the palm of your hand without any of the damaging side effects. Because these products do not give off any fumes, they have the added benefit of use indoors.Go NutsInstead of buying packets of pre-salted nuts, take your hand at cracking open a few pistachios, pumpkin seeds or monkey nuts instead. The de-shelling business will keep your hands busy and, without the extra additives, are a healthy snacking alternative.Treat your hands to some TLC Slather them with a moisturising lotion when you're out and about. Or, if you have time to spare, paint your nails and even experiment with intricate nail art. You won't want to ruin the designs and you'll be sure to find it hard to light up with wet hands.Download a new app The physician-approved app, My Quit Coach for the iPhone, can analyse your current consumption, set more tangible resolutions, and customise preferences based on your specific requirements. The app also keeps you in the know about how much healthier you are with each smoke-free day and allows you to share your successes with friends and gain a trophy for each milestone you pass.

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