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Singer Heidi Range supports breast cancer campaign

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Sugababes singer Heidi Range has revealed to HELLO! Online that she has an ambition to play Eponine in Les Misérables. "I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon because the film came out," she said. "I've absolutely loved it as a kid and it would be a dream come true." 

Heidi, who is promoting an early detection campaign for charity Breast Cancer Campaign, is currently in talks about West End shows and TV projects. For now, the singer is happy to spend time working on a cause close to her heart. 

Heidi has joined other famous faces including artist Leah Wood, comedienne Olivia Lee, designer Zandra Rhodes and model Leah Weller to pose for a photoshoot in which they wrote their own breast cancer awareness messages on t-shirts.

Heidi Range

Heidi chose to write the slogan 'Too Young for Breast Cancer?' and stick love hearts on her t-shirt. "Everyone was just enjoying themselves making their own little designs, and then we had to stand by the hairdryers to dry our t-shirts before the shoot," she laughed.

Special praise went out to photographer Caroline True. "Even I get self-conscious sometimes doing a shoot but Caroline was great," said Heidi. "She just put some music on and got us all dancing so that was really fun. It wasn't so posed. I think the pictures really captured the spirit of the campaign." 

The charity aims to get mothers and daughters talking about breast cancer awareness this Mother's Day and to encourage each other to check for symptoms. "It's really good to raise awareness, especially with girls my age," said Heidi. "You don't really think about these things but it is important to check regularly as the earlier it's detected, the better the rate of recovery. "She decided to work with the charity after a close family friend was diagnosed with the disease. "Because I saw how hard it was for her and her family, I decided to get involved," she explained.

The singer has been promoting the cause for the past two years. "Anything they want help with, I'd be more than happy to get involved,” she says.