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The common fitness mistakes we're all making

February 24, 2016
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Whether you've decided to hit the gym or try a new workout, there are common fitness mistakes we all fall for. Whether it's doing exercises incorrectly or trying to do too much too fast, these pitfalls can make it harder to reach your goals – and you even risk injury.

Speedflex Trainer Paul Lyons reveals the most common fitness errors we make and how to overcome them, exclusively with HELLO! Online

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Speedflex trainer Paul Lyons reveals the most common mistakes we make in workouts

Mistake: putting cardio firstSolution: Put weight training first

Many people think it's better to do cardiovascular training before resistance training. This is not true because the body needs glycogen (blood sugar) for energy during resistance training, and the body can't burn fat until these glycogen stores are depleted. For this to happen, you must work with weights first in order to allow fat to be burned later.

Mistake: sticking to a routineSolution: switching up your exercises

Many people will continue doing the same type of exercise over and over for a long period – but their bodies will quickly adapt and stop progressing. Instead, try varying your workout as this challenges your body and will fire up your metabolism. For optimum results I would suggest working out in a group environment, where the concept or trainer changes the workout each time – for example, Speedflex combines resistance and cardiovascular training whilst encouraging individuals to work at a high intensity to maximise calorie burn.

Mistake: overtrainingSolution: take rest days

In order to see results, you need to fully commit to an exercise regime – but the body also needs time to recover. This is particularly true for beginners as it will take them longer to recover, so rest days are key.

fitness© Photo: iStock

Make sure to switch up exercises to get closer to your goals

Mistake: starving your body or exercising in a fasted stateSolution: eat a healthy diet including lean protein

Many people believe you have to starve the body to lose weight, however the body needs food in order to convert it into energy and fuel the metabolism – it's what you eat and when that a key factor. For growth and repair, lean protein is really important, especially after exercising. Slow release energy in the form of complex carbohydrates is important one to two hours prior to training even if that is in the form of a snack.

Mistake: stopping and startingSolution: finding consistency

Fitness is a lifestyle. Many people struggle to maintain a routine and - like diets - start and stop frequently. Developing a routine and getting into good habits makes it easier to stay on track, especially if what you do is enjoyable and you're seeing results.

Mistake: not deciding what you want to achieveSolution: set a goal

People need to have a goal or objective in mind order to motivate themselves to train. Decide what you want to achieve and why, as well as when you want to achieve it by. Try to measure progress, track performance and use any progression as motivation and an incentive to continue.

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