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Halle Berry reveals how she controls her diabetes

The actress credits the diet for keeping her healthy

halle berry
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Halle Berry credits her ketogenic diet with keeping her fit. The Monster's Ball star, 50, is known for her enviable physique and she explains not eating any sugars or carbohydrates - because she is diabetic - has helped her maintain her figure.

"The idea of it is you train your body to burn healthy fats and so I eat healthy fats all day long," she told U.S. talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan of her low-carb, high-fat diet rules. "Avocado, oil, coconut oil, butter, but don't have sugar. So when your body gets trained to burn fats and you're constantly on fat-burning mode, that's the secret."

halle berry

She also insisted love and happiness plays a part in leading a successful fit and healthy lifestyle. "It's all of that (too)," the mother-of-two smiled. Halle has been adamant about keeping her body healthy to help control her diabetes and she previously insisted she wouldn't put on a lot of weight for a movie role, because it could jeopardise her health.

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"My heart would say yes because I feel like I would do anything for my craft, but my brain would say no because I'm diabetic and what that might do to me on a health level could be really dangerous, so that's probably the real reason I wouldn't," she told U.S. talk show host Wendy Williams in 2012.

"Taking care of my health and keeping my weight a certain (level) is really very much a part of taking care of myself and being healthy and because I'm a mum now, I wouldn't take risks like that," she added.

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