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Halle Berry, 57, details the bizarre way she found out she was perimenopausal

The Bond actress is currently dating musician Van Hunt

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Faye James
Senior Editor
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Halle Berry recently opened up about her personal journey into perimenopause in a refreshingly candid conversation with Dr. Jill Biden during Propper Daley's fourth "A Day of Unreasonable Conversation" summit. 

The acclaimed actress, at 57, delved into the unexpected and somewhat shocking manner in which she discovered she was entering this natural transitional phase toward menopause—the period signaling the end of reproductive years for women.

Confidently sharing her story, Halle recounted how her own misconceptions about perimenopause led to a surprising and educational moment in her life. 

"I was under the impression that I might somehow bypass perimenopause. Given my fitness level and my success in managing my diabetes since my twenties, I assumed I was immune to the challenges of menopause," she explained.

Halle Berry at Michael Kors Spring 2024 Ready To Wear Runway Show at Domino Park on September 11, 2023 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images)© Gilbert Flores
Halle Berry spoke about her perimenopausal journey

 This lack of awareness about the realities of perimenopause was something Halle admitted to at the time.

The revelation came under bizarre circumstances when she was 54, during a passionate chapter of her life with Grammy-winning musician Van Hunt, whom she described as the "man of my dreams." 

Halle Berry has frank chat about Menopause

Halle shared an intimate detail about experiencing severe pain after intercourse, which prompted an urgent visit to her gynecologist. "It felt like there were razor blades in my vagina. I rushed to my doctor in panic," she recounted, emphasizing her openness about the topic in hopes of helping other women.

The initial diagnosis from her gynecologist was startling. "He told me it was the worst case of herpes he'd ever seen. I was dumbfounded, knowing that couldn't be possible," Halle said. 

Halle Berry stuns in lace lingerie© Instagram
Halle Berry

The situation led to a tense moment with Hunt, though both would later test negative for the sexually transmitted disease, revealing the misdiagnosis.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Halle recognized her symptoms as indicative of perimenopause, highlighting vaginal dryness as a key symptom. 

Halle Berry chats to US Senetor Corey Booker
Halle, who is on a mission to get a new menopause bill passed say down for a frank chat with US Senetor Corey Booker

"My doctor was unaware, leaving me unprepared for what was happening. That was the moment I realized the importance of using my platform to advocate for change and better awareness about women's health issues," she emphasized.

Halle concluded her talk by urging the audience to join her in shifting societal perceptions of women going through this stage of life. Her mission is to redefine the narrative surrounding menopause, challenging the stereotypes and societal expectations that paint it as a period of decline.

Halle Berry posted on Instagram © Instagram
Halle Berry celebrates her 57th birthday

In a previous discussion with Women's Health in August 2023, Halle voiced her determination not to succumb to the negative stereotypes associated with menopause.

 "I'm confronting every preconceived notion about menopause head-on. The idea that life is somehow over, that women become disposable, or that society has no place for us," she stated, firmly rejecting the notion that women should fade into the background during this natural life phase.

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