Jenni Falconer reveals painful condition with shocking photo of her hand

The TV star has suffered from Raynaud's condition since she was 17

Jenni Falconer has revealed just how much pain she can be in when her blood circulation condition, Raynaud's, strikes. The TV presenter shared a close-up photo on Instagram, shocking fans with the picture of her finger looking frightfully pale. "This is my hand at its most attractive... Anyone else suffer with bad circulation? #badcirculation #whathappenswhenitscold #raynauds," she wrote.

Jenni, 42, has suffered from Raynaud's since she was 17. The NHS describes it as a phenomenon which is actually quite common and can be self-treated. Raynaud's affects your blood circulation when you're cold, anxious or stressed, and can result in your fingers and toes changing colour. Other symptoms include numbness, pins and needles and difficulty moving the affected area.

Jenni has suffered from Raynaud's since she was 17

In the past, Jenni has opened up about the extent of her condition, telling The Mirror that an attack can bring tears to her eyes. In 2014, she said: "I've suffered from it in my fingers and toes since I was 17, and it can be so painful that it brings tears to my eyes. Since then, the condition has worsened. I get it in all my fingers and toes and an attack can last up to 30 minutes.

"When life returns to the affected part of my body, it's like being poked with cocktail sticks – a severe case of pins and needles. A burning sensation adds to the pain, too."

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The TV star said an attack can 'bring tears to my eyes'

Fans were quick to sympathise with Jenni, with one replying to her Instagram post: "I used to suffer with this terribly, even in the summer months if I was sat outside in the evening, my fingers would turn blue, it's horrible." The fan went on to advise: "I changed to a plant-based diet a couple of years ago, and my circulation has improved so, so much since then. The change has been massive for me."

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Another suggested: "I get this with the slightest change in the temperature. Always bring fluffy gloves with you and I also put my hands under warm water to try and encourage circulation."

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