Amanda Holden has revealed her fitness tips – and they DON’T include dieting

So what IS her secret?

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Amanda Holden may be 47, but she has the kind of toned figure and stunning looks that many women in their 20s would kill for. So what exactly is her secret? The mum of two has revealed that she keeps in shape by not dieting – yes, you read that right. Amanda told Mail Online: "You have to enjoy life. I eat everything. Drink everything. I had a friend once who didn’t make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was she spent her life on a diet. I don’t diet."


Amanda looking stunning on a recent night out

Instead, the Britain's Got Talent judge says she prefers to live an all-round healthy lifestyle rather than fall into the pattern of crash diets. She explained: "I go to a fitness camp in Portugal before the live shows. I'm a vegetarian, so for me it's lots of avocado, chickpeas, and quinoa salads as well as hikes and boxing. It's really good for your mindset, rather like unplugging your computer and plugging it back in."

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The rest of the time, Amanda works hard to keep a daily fitness regime but still allows herself treats. "I practise a form of yoga, which is more to do with breath control and strength than getting sweaty, and I run every morning, but I love a glass of wine and going out," she told the publication.

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Of course, it's not easy being watched on TV by millions, and Amanda admitted that she feels the pressure to look good. "There are an awful lot of people who watch BGT [more than 8 million last year] so I want to look the best I can," she continued. "Alesha Dixon is the same. BGT is like going into the boxing ring. You train for it. You look your best for it and then you do the rounds."


Amanda recently posted this snap of her at fitness camp

And the discipline has certainly paid off – the presenter recently wowed fans when she shared a snap of her super-toned bikini body while relaxing at the fitness retreat, which is located in Portugal's Algarve region.

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