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Patsy Kensit shares her beauty and wellness secrets as she turns 50

The actress has never felt better since turning 50 back in March

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Looking spectacular at 50 in a recent photoshoot for HELLO!, Patsy Kensit told us why she is 'excited' about her milestone year and the beauty and wellness secrets that changed her life. The actress and mum to James Kerr, 26, and YSL model Lennon Gallagher, 18, celebrated her landmark birthday with a family holiday to the Maldives and said to HELLO!: “It’s where I always go for my birthday; it’s the best present I could gift myself. It was special and very quiet.

"Turning 50 is a wonderful huge step and so exciting. I’m loving the age I am at. For the past seven years I’ve had a quiet life – looking after the kids, doing the odd bit of work, but mostly living in a cocoon. So at the time I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. I mean, what was I going to say? ‘I’ve just had a birthday, I’m 50 and I can still walk,’” she laughs.

patsy kensit hello magazine© Photo: HELLO!

Her positive outlook on ageing led to her joining Studio-10 to promote the pro-age movement around the country. “I’ve never felt better or more excited about anything,” says Patsy. "‘Antiage’ sounds like you are trying to stop something happening. None of us are going to look 25 again and who would want to? I wouldn’t. We want to change the language from anti-age to pro-age, and that isn’t bashing the youth, quite the opposite. The message is you should be allowed to be the best version of you at any age."

patsy white© Photo: Getty Images

Patsy adds: "If you want to wear Topshop, have a bit of Botox or dye your hair orange, then do it without fearing judgment. We shouldn’t be body-shaming each other or think getting old is a negative thing, because it’s not. What comes from within, your belief in your potential and what you can offer to the world: that is the true beauty of a woman.” 

Patsy Kensit turned 50 in March

"That goes for your mind, soul, diet, exercise, all of these things are very important. It has been a really good thing for me to get into." The actress revealed her life was transformed by a solo trip to Thailand. "I went to Chiva Som to do some meditation and that changed my life completely," she says.  "I practice Yoga Nidra which is a guided meditation. It makes me feel so much better.

"Yoga has never worked for me, I’ve never been able to do the downward dog. I like light weights and running. And what I put in my body I find very important. I don’t diet, I just eat clean, fresh and healthy not processed foods. It’s important to take the time for yourself, look in the mirror and love yourself. Be the best you can be for the age that you are at."

patsy studio© Photo: Getty Images

 Patsy with Grace Fodor, founder of Sudio10 at the launch of her collection

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In the revealing chat the former Holby City star also opened up about her past ‘ups and downs’ and how she came through it stronger. "I went through a lot over the years," she said. "That can make you never want to leave your house. "What kind of mother would I have been if I didn’t come out of the duvet for a week? The kids have always lived with me; I had to work, I had to make a living. "But I’m 50 now, I don’t really care what people say."

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Patsy admits she feels a touch of empty nest syndrome now the children have left home. She told HELLO!: "You want them to go forth and flourish and it’s inevitable they will leave home. It’s the Irish mother in me. They will always be my babies." She tells us she bought a cat called Bowie to cuddle he wasn’t very affectionate. There are also rumours of a new man, but Patsy isn’t keen to divulge details. "Is he handsome? Historically, I would have answered that, but at this juncture my love life is great – I love life. My privacy is really important to me."

patsy lennon© Photo: Getty Images

Patsy with her son Lennon

 The star also told us how she has embraced alternative therapy since going through the menopause. Her quest to find the right hormone replacement therapy led to an appointment with a holistic doctor, who prescribed a lozenge tailored to her blood levels. "When my blood tests first came back, the doctor said: ‘I can’t believe you are functioning on any level.’ The balance of my progesterone and vitamin D was dangerously low. Even now, it’s very Victorian the way the menopause is dealt with. No one talks about it. It’s time to focus on how great this change is, as it’s something that is going to come and get you."

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Patsy really is an inspiration. She says: "I’ve never felt more comfortable in my body. I’ve got lots of energy and a million thoughts in my head at one time." The star adds: "My wish in the universe is that women can take something from this, something from their self worth, and confidence, because you can do anything."