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15 celebrities who don't drink alcohol

Not even a drop...

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When you think of what life of an A-lister is like, you can imagine it's all cocktails, champagne and shots of tequila, but for some, it's far less raucous. Watch the video below to find out which celebrities lead a sober lifestyle.

Granted, for some of us, alcohol can be fun and delicious (hello, piña coladas) but in recent years a lot of research has highlighted the health benefits of giving it up. There are some major health benefits; improved mental health, weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and a healthier liver. 

It's little wonder then that many people choose to go sober including various A-listers. From Blake Lively to Ewan McGregor, Daniel Radcliffe to Bradley Cooper - here's what celebs have said about quitting the booze for good…

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