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Piers Morgan's wife mocks his lockdown weight gain

The GMB star admitted he's gained one stone

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Piers Morgan has been mocked by his wife Celia Walden for gaining one stone in lockdown – and she even claimed her husband deserves to be "fat-shamed"!

The 44-year-old made her husband the subject of her latest column for The Telegraph after he was ridiculed by his GMB co-stars Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary on Monday's show.

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Susanna even labelled Piers a "chubster", which is said to have inspired Celia's column, which she title: "My husband needs to be fat-shamed."

Reading excerpts from her work on Tuesday's GMB, Piers recited: "I have no issue with my husband's GMB co-host calling him a 'chubster' on live television.

"He, like me, is of the belief that a little bit of fat-shaming where it's due can be a good thing, and there's something shameful about the amount of blue cheese and Bordeaux that man's put away over the past six months.

piers morgan wife© Photo: Instagram

Piers Morgan's wife Celia Walden made his weight the focus of her column 

"Moreover, the insults will actually help him lose the weight, he rightfully insists. Something our PC GPs might want to bear in mind for their next chubster patient shuffles through the door. I totally agree!"

Celia's column comes after the 55-year-old presenter opened up about his weight issues and claimed that he needed to be "shamed" in order to shed some weight.

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piers morgan susanna reid© Photo: ITV

Piers Morgan revealed he needed to be 'fat-shamed' in a bid to lose some weight

"Like a lot of people through lockdown, especially when you bust your ankle up, I have! I'm carrying too much weight," he said. "I am carrying too much weight. I reckon I put on at least half a stone, three quarters of a stone. I need to be fat-shamed to get it off."

In agreement, Susanna declared: "Yes, you fat person, lose the weight. It's about time, chubster." Unimpressed with her "honest" outburst, Piers quipped: "Wow."

Admitting she didn't enjoy saying that, Piers then said: "No, that will genuinely have the right effect on me. I will go back today and probably eat a little less cheese and put the second bottle away and try to get back on. I think we all need to be slightly shamed about weight."

"No, I don't think shaming works," argued Susanna. "Sensible advice works. Throwing insults does not help people lose weight."

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