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Lorraine Kelly gets candid about comfort eating and Christmas weight gain

The TV star is having a healthy start to the year

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In her first exclusive column and video diary of 2021, Lorraine Kelly gets candid about comfort eating over Christmas, and how she's working on a healthier start to the new year. The TV presenter isn't following any fad diets though. Find out how she's bettering herself in her diary below...

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I know this is traditionally the time to make New Year resolutions, but I reckon it's much more important to take care of ourselves and each other rather than trying to embark on a diet (which won't work and will make you miserable) or going out for a ten-mile run.

Instead, I think we should all just try to eat a bit more sensibly and gradually built up our fitness levels.


WATCH: Lorraine Kelly shares her self-care tips for the new year

I've been comfort eating during the pandemic and trying to find solace in jumbo-sized bars of fruit and nut chocolate and entire packets of ginger snaps.

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As a result, I have gone up a dress size, but I will try hard to substitute the sweets and crisps for fruit, but there's no way I'm going to deny myself food or go on a silly faddy diet. I'm also doing Dry January as I indulged way too much over Christmas and New Year.

I think it's all about taking things at our own pace. We are all far more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if we have proper tasty food, and won't drop out of an exercise routine if it's good fun.

lorraine kelly maxine pt

Lorraine with her friend and fitness expert Maxine Jones

I always have porridge and fruit for breakfast, and from now on I'm making a big pot of spicy vegetable soup at the beginning of the week that I can heat up quickly for lunch. I will continue to have a normal dinner at night, but I'm cutting out the snacks and the 7pm cup of tea with a big plate of treats.

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We all need to get out in the fresh air and even if it's cold, windy and rainy, I still take Angus my border terrier out for a long walk. I'd also highly recommend the online classes run by my friend and fitness expert Maxine Jones.

lorraine kelly and maxine

Lorraine is missing her aerobic classes and the gang

It's the next best thing to actually being at one of her energy-filled dance aerobic classes. I miss her so much and all the gang who I used to meet every week in the local community centre. Not only does this help keep me fit but it's good for my mental health too. Check her out on

It's about making small changes that will make you feel better and remember to try and have something to look forward to every day, even if it's just a TV show that makes you smile, or some of your favourite music.

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