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9 best sobriety books to help you give up drinking for good

These sobriety books will help you say goodbye to alcohol

Are you taking part in Dry January? Or maybe you just want to ditch the booze once and for all in 2023. With a bevvy of delicious alcohol-free drinks out there now, giving up drinking is more appealing than ever. But that's not to say it's easy to quit alcohol.

Luckily, there's a whole host of sobriety books out there to help you in your alcohol-free journey. We've compiled an edit of the best sobriety books to add to your basket to giving you a helping hand in joining the likes of alcohol-free celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively in a sober life.

Sober On a Drunk Planet, Sean Alexander

Sober on a Drunk Planet by Sean Alexander, £11.95/$12.95, Amazon


Sean Alexander has penned a quitting booze manual with a difference - he puts it to us that it isn't just people who know they have a problem who stand to benefit from giving up alcohol – it's everyone. His book explores eight critical areas of life that will drastically improve when you give up alcohol. He promises that you'll be shocked at discovering how drunk society really is, why alcohol has been holding you back, and the life-changing transformations that occur when you go alcohol-free. A gripping read.

Glorious Rock Bottom, Bryony Gordon

Glorious Rock Bottom by Bryony Gordon, £11.23/$12.86, Amazon


Journalist Bryony Gordon opens up about her 20-year journey to going sober after years of alcoholism, in a book that's been called: 'a sobriety memoir like no other.' Of the honest memoir, Bryony said: "I hope this book helps even just one person to know that they are not alone - be that someone who has lost themselves in alcohol, or someone who loves someone who has lost themselves in alcohol."

Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol, Holly Whitaker

Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker, £10.11/$7.88, Amazon


We have to include the book Miranda chose for herself on one of the episodes of And Just Like That. Now a New York Times bestseller, we're not surprised this was Miranda's pick. Holly Whitaker is the founder of the first female-focused recovery program and someone who has gone on the sobriety journey herself - so who better to learn from?

The Sober Diaries: How One Woman Stopped Drinking and Started Living, Clare Pooley

The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley, £8.18/$16.19, Amazon


Less of an instruction manual and more of an inspirational tale, Clare Pooley, a high-flying Cambridge-grad, career woman and mum of three kids, opens up about her transformation to sober life. Maybe the best option for those who are questioning their own drinking habits but not quite ready for a self-help book, Clare weaves in research and advice such as: 'How do I know if I'm drinking too much?' and 'What do I say to friends and family?' for a much softer approach.

Alcohol and You: How to Control and Stop Drinking, Lewis David

Alcohol and You by Lewis David, £10.99/$26.54, Amazon


A definite self-help book, this one is for those who like a plan of action to stick to. Core learnings include how to self-diagnose alcohol dependence, medications and strategies to help deal with cravings, as well as providing details for the best, free support to help maintain your progress over time.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, Catherine Gray

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray, £5.46/$11.11, Amazon


A Sunday Times Bestseller, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober is a reminder of exactly why so many of us choose to stop drinking. Celebrating all the joys of being sober, this book may be the best first port of call for anyone semi-interested in banning the booze. Inspiring and educational thanks to the help of neuroscientists explaining the science behind the effects of alcohol, even if the sober life is one you've not given too much thought to, we're sure this book will get you thinking.

Alcohol Explained, William Porter

Alcohol Explained by William Porter, £4.99/$12.27, Amazon


Dubbed as a handbook for those wanting to quit drinking, and even medical students learning about alcoholism, Alcohol Explained details exactly what alcoholism is, the effects alcohol has on the body, and how to overcome it. This is another one for anyone looking to strictly change their life for the long term.

Love Your Sober Year: A Seasonal Guide to Alcohol-Free Living, Kate Baily & Mandy Manners

Love Your Sober Year by Kate Baily & Mandy Manners, £10.19/$14.99, Amazon


If you're attempting to quit alcohol for longer than just Dry January, sober coaches Katie Baily and Mandy Manners can help. They offer positive and empowering ways to harness your power, exploring how old wisdoms, new science and the female experience can help guide you to sobriety.

The Alcohol Experiment, Annie Grace

The Alcohol Experiment, by Annie Grace £6.99/$15.54, Amazon


The Alcohol Experiment introduces readers to a new way of thinking while offering a 30-day programme for those wanting to move away from alcohol. It asks you to look closer at why you drink, what you get out of it and whether it’s really the alcohol that’s giving you what you want. In this book, Annie Grace - the bestselling author of The Naked Mind - offers the tools to take control of your drinking for good.


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