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Victoria Beckham's secret for a super-toned back: 3 moves to try at home

VB works out every area of her body

vb back
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Victoria Beckham is known for having super slender arms and extremely toned legs, but in a new photo from Vogue Australia, the star debuted a never-before-seen area of her body – and it's just as sculpted as the rest of her physique.

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The mum-of-four shared a photo from the shoot, revealing her extremely muscly back – and fans are in awe. One wrote: "Beautiful toned back," while another simply wrote: "Lethal!" Fashion designer Marc Jacobs weighed in too, commenting: "WOW!"!

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It's well-documented that Victoria follows a strict workout regime, recently adding weight training into her sessions – and it seems to have paid off, with her back looking extremely sculpted.

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While she used to spend 45 minutes running every morning, Victoria said she now focuses on lifting heavy weights five or six days a week.

"I've always been a bit scared of weights, but it turns out I love them," Victoria told Grazia. "I've even got those special gloves to wear! It's good to switch things up and keep your body guessing. I've got so much more muscle tone now."

victoria beckham back muscles© Photo: Instagram

Victoria Beckham's back looked seriously sculpted in her latest shoot

How does Victoria Beckham tone her back?

We hit up training expert David Wiener of fitness app Freeletics for his advice on achieving a muscly back like Victoria's, and these are the moves he recommends adding into your workout.

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Pull-ups for a strong back

"At first glance, pull-ups look like they focus on the arms and shoulders, but they primarily target the latissimus dorsi — a muscle in your back that is not typically put to strenuous use during day-to-day life," David says.

victoria exercising© Photo: Instagram

Victoria Beckham follows a weight training regime for toning her muscles

It's a difficult muscle to target, but David says pull-ups are amazingly effective for building strength in this area.

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Kettlebell swings for a toned back

"Kettlebell exercises work your lumbar extensors, which are crucial muscles in your lower back that can lead to pain if they are weak," says David.

victoria beckham abs sports bra

Victoria lifts heavy weights

Lat pull downs for a strong back

"The lat pull down is a great exercise to strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle, which promotes good posture and spinal stability," David says.

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Deadlifts for a muscly back

Anyone who's ever done a Les Mills Body Pump class will be familiar with deadlifts – they make up a large portion of the cult workout – and David is a fan too.

"Assuming there are no pre-existing issues, nearly everyone will benefit from deadlifting," he says. "As long as you lift with good form, keeping your spine and produce the motion using your hips, not your lower back—you should be fine."

vb workout

Victoria makes sure to work out her whole body

Why is working out your back important?

"Your back muscles are incredibly important, but they are commonly one of the most neglected muscle groups when it comes to training," says David.

"By working this area regularly and developing strength, you are building up the main support structure for your body, which can help in a number of ways," David explains. "Training this area can help improve posture, which can help to reduce and eliminate back pain.

"Secondly, training your back can contribute to a strong core, with a strong back helping to stabilise and brace your spine, keeping it free from restriction and helping to reduce the risk of injury."

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