The simple reason Victoria Beckham's workouts are SO effective

It's not why you think

It'd be easy to think Victoria Beckham's intense daily workout delivers results purely because of how hard she works in the gym – but that's not the only reason she looks amazing.

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The reason VB gets such incredible results from her workouts could be down to the time of day she exercises. According to fitness expert Louise Rusk, who works with Westfield Health, morning workout sessions can deliver better results than working out at any other time of day.

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VB isn't the only fan of a morning workout. Jennifer Aniston also reportedly works out at the crack of dawn, while in the new series of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is often seen working out before the sun comes up. So what's the appeal?

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What are the benefits of morning workouts?

Mood and energy boost

Victoria Beckham starts her day with exercise

Starting your day with a sweat session will get the endorphins pumping first thing, setting you in good stead for a positive outlook for the whole day.

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"Morning exercise can enhance your energy levels, ridding feelings of lethargy and sleepiness," says Louise. "It has been found that by taking part in regular physical activities, inactive people with persistent fatigue can decrease feelings of tiredness by as much as 65%. Hence, working out in the morning will provide you with the perfect dose of energy for the day ahead."

Victoria Beckham mixes her workups up with weights and cardio

Increased focus

If you struggle to stay focused during the day, working out in the morning could help, according to Louise.

"According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, morning workouts can help maximise your decision-making processes, visual learning, and attention span," she explains.

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Exercising before you leave the house will also stimulate blood flow and keep you focused.

Cooler training conditions

If you often put off a workout because it's too hot, working out before the sun has got his hat on is a good idea.

Victoria Beckham trains every day

"Morning workouts help you to beat the heat and get some much-needed exercise in cooler, more comfortable conditions," says Louise.

Tips for morning workouts

If you want to give morning workouts a go but don’t know how to start, here are a few tips to find some all-important motivation for a VB-style workout.

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Establish a consistent wake-up time

Keeping your wake-up calls consistent will get your body acclimatised to the new routine, and early awakenings will soon become second nature.

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Leave your workout wear next to your bed

This is a simple, effective way to streamline your morning. If your running shoes are sitting by your bed, how can you say no to an early, feel-good dose of activity?

Find an exercise companion

Do you struggle to find the motivation to get your muscles working first thing in the morning? According to researchers at the University of Aberdeen, finding an exercise buddy can increase the amount of exercise you do.

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