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Why I'm ditching resolutions for ‘reset moments’ this January

HELLO!’s Editor-at-Large and host of our In A Good Place podcast Rosie Nixon shares  why small resets are key to a happier, healthier 2023

HELLO!'s Rosie Nixon shares how she carves out time for acts of self-care
Rosie Nixon
Editor at Large
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Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? This year I have decided to forget creating a list of big things I want to do, and instead I am focusing on smaller moments where I can consciously ‘tweak’ areas of my life to better suit where I am at now –I am calling this a ‘reset’.

Re-setting is a part of life and acknowledging the power of making a small change to an element of your lifestyle, can help you to grow and find greater happiness. They can help us to build new habits to stay productive, motivated and happy.

‘These small changes will have a transformative effect on your career, your relationships and your life,’ says James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. A reset doesn’t have to mean a huge change or a monumental moment, nor does it have to take place in January, it can be beneficial at any time of the year.

rosie nixon headshot© David Venni
Rosie Nixon reset her career - here's what she learned

There might be a series of small reset moments necessary in order to reach a bigger, long-term goal. You might want to reset your exercise regime, reset your night-time routine, reset your focus, reset your career, reset your friendships, reset your mindset to cope with a curveball moment like an accident or the loss of a loved one.

We all have the power to rewrite our script and consciously move forwards into a new chapter, and sometimes we need a helping hand to motivate and inspire us to take the first step.

For the rest of this week, HELLO! will share a series of videos showing how some experts have reset areas of their lives. We hope you find it helpful.

WATCH: Rosie shares how she reset her life following exhaustion

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