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Blonde woman smiling as she drinks a cup of coffee in the kitchen

Always busy? Try these go-slow tips for a happier life

Transformational coach Marta Rus shares how we can achieve more by going at a slower pace

By: Marta Rus
3 days ago
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We hurry to yoga, rush through projects, dash from work meetings to dinner with friends, often without pausing to enjoy any of it — all the while convincing ourselves that this hectic pace is living life to the fullest.

But I wonder, is our world really fast-paced, or are we racing nowhere fast, mistaking busy for productive, fast for efficient and urgent for important? 

What if slowing down could save you time?

Woman sitting on the sofa in a neutral room drinking coffee
Slowing down can make us happier, says Marta Rus

It might seem counter-productive but taking things a little slower can benefit your wellbeing, productivity and quality of life, helping you appreciate small moments that you can overlook if you're hurrying.

Benefits of slowing down

Science has long proven that a slower pace boosts mental and physical wellbeing. From less stress and better memory to a happier mood and improved physical health, a slower pace is the best way to enhance your life from the inside out. And it’s free! 

Making time to reflect

Many of us equate being busy with being productive. In reality, true productivity comes from taking action that moves you from where you are to where you want to be. 

This can only happen if you take the time to understand what you truly want. We need to take time to reflect because without reflection, we can't grow.

blonde woman smiling as she drinks a cup of coffee in a clean kitchen
Marta says slowing down can help us to be more productivity

Slowing down and reflecting creates space for deeper questions, such as, what do I truly want? Why do I want it? Who do I need to be to make my goal a reality?

Taking time to reflect is crucial for your growth, connecting with your true purpose, and making intentional decisions that lead to greater fulfilment.

But when we're hurrying, there's no time to reflect.

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Slowing down boosts creativity and nurtures better relationships

How often have you regretted something you said because you rushed to respond? Slowing down helps you respond mindfully instead of reacting, fostering empathy and building stronger relationships.

This mindful pace doesn't just nurture connections. It also boosts your creativity and helps you find joy in the present moment. 

How to slow down

1. Start simple

The easiest way to start practising mindfulness is when you're not rushed — for example, when drinking tea, take extra time to fully enjoy its taste and flavour.

Blonde woman smiling as she drinks a cup of coffee in the kitchen
Marta recommends we take it slow when drinking our tea

Or, while out on a walk, slow down and take a moment to look at the sky. When was the last time you watched the clouds passing by or gazed at the moon?

2. Morning routine

Instead of rushing through your morning, create a mindful routine to savour the start of your day. 

Anything from meditation, yoga, a morning walk, setting intentions for the day, or simply taking a few extra minutes to enjoy your coffee will make a difference and set a better tone for your day.

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3. Practice breathwork

Practice deep breathing exercises throughout the day to calm your mind and body. Breathwork is an absolute game-changer for soothing your nervous system— it's such a breeze to incorporate into your day because you’re already doing it anyway!

 4. Set realistic goals

Avoid overloading your schedule by setting achievable goals. Try setting a maximum of five goals a day to avoid overwhelm and prioritise the task that will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment regardless of whether you complete the others.

 5. Schedule downtime

Block out time for relaxing and fun activities to recharge. Believe it or not, having fun is the most productive thing you can do.

When you do things that bring you joy, you fall into a natural flow with life, uplifting your mood and getting the creative juices flowing.

6. Slower pace

Deliberately slow down your pace as you go through your day. For example, walk a bit slower, take your time with chores, and pause to stretch or breathe deeply throughout the day. This will help you feel more grounded and reduce overwhelm.

Remember: being busy isn't a lifestyle - it's a habit. And like any habit, you can change it with a bit of practice. Try incorporating these practices into your day, and watch as your life slowly transforms, in sync with your pace.

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