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I tried Joe Wicks' new workout takeover on Apple Fitness+ - this is my honest review

HELLO! spoke to The Body Coach exclusively ahead of his collaboration with the tech giant  

Joe Wicks takeover with Apple Fitness+
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not always full to the brim of motivation when it comes to working out. I exercise regularly to keep fit and I thrive off the rush of endorphins afterwards, but I'd be lying if I said there weren't times when I have to hype myself up before putting on my workout gear.

It's for this reason that exercising in a way that we genuinely enjoy is so important. I'm confident I won't be taking on a marathon anytime soon, for example. Hats off to those who do, but long-distance running simply isn't for me. Forcing yourself to do something you don't like will not afford you motivation or results.

I would rather take on strength and cardio routines that are fun and challenging thus making it far more likely that I'll actually do it. 

This is where Apple Fitness+ comes in.

Joe Wicks' takeover with Apple Fitness+© Apple
Joe Wicks' takeover with Apple Fitness+

Joe Wicks, known to many as The Body Coach, has teamed up with the global tech and fitness brand to launch his very own takeover, releasing two types of workouts alongside Apple Fitness+ regular trainers, Kim Ngo and Jamie-Ray Hartshorne.

He's been a giant in the health industry for the best part of a decade and Apple Fitness+ is clearly at the top of its game – it's a match made in heaven. But are the videos worth trying? I put them to the test…

Joe Wicks' Apple Fitness+ takeover – what is it?

Joe Wicks joined Jamie-Ray for a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout and Kim for a Strength workout as part of his takeover. The two classes landed this week so if you're a user of Apple Fitness+ you'll easily find them in your library.

Before giving them a go for myself, I spoke to The Body Coach, who told HELLO! it was a "dream collaboration". "It sounds silly but I was nervous, but they made me feel really welcome, it's a really beautiful culture."

For those who are familiar with Joe's Body Coach plan and workouts, they'll know that the reason behind his popularity and success is that he caters to all abilities and levels. This is evident in Apple Fitness+, too.

"Every day I wake up and I think of two things: 'Can I get someone cooking today?' and 'Can I get someone moving?' I get a lot of joy from taking beginners, people who aren't moving and who are finding it difficult on that journey and telling them, 'This is the first step'. It's about them being enough and doing great," he told HELLO!.

Joe Wicks has teamed up with Apple Fitness+ for a takeover
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And Joe insists that newbies needn't be intimidated. "Usually on my Body Coach workouts it's just me, but with Apple Fitness+, you've got a modifier behind that can give the user a chance of actually saying: 'I'm doing ok'."

He added: "It's not about competing with me or Jamie-Ray, we're all in this together. We're all feeling the burn. And they're just ten minutes which is manageable. It's a nice short little chunk that just gives people that energy and that boost to go again and have another try each day."

My honest thoughts on Joe Wicks' Apple Fitness+ takeover

For full disclosure: my personal preference when it comes to exercise is low impact. I would typically opt for a strength and core class – such as Pilates – over a lengthy HIIT class that often leaves me phenomenally out of breath, and I tend to get my cardio fix from hiking or cycling.

And so, as I went to load up the HIIT class, there was a teeny tiny hint of dread. To my surprise, however, the ten-minute HIIT with Joe and Jamie-Ray proved to be really fun.

I gave Joe Wicks' Strength class on Apple Fitness+ a go
I gave Joe Wicks' Strength class on Apple Fitness+ a go

Was it hard? Obviously. (HIIT, as I said, isn't my forte). But I got a good sweat on and genuinely enjoyed the exercises that we did in the ten-minute class. 

It doesn't sound like a lot of time but if, like me, a short window of high-intensity movement sounds a bit more up your street, this is a great option that will up your heart rate.

The winner for me, however, was the Strength class with Joe and Kim. I love using weights and feeling like I'm toning muscle and getting stronger with every class. Again, in just a short amount of time, this is exactly what I got from it.

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What else is there to know about Apple Fitness+?

If you're new to Apple Fitness+, then it's worth knowing that you can now use the program with just your iPhone and you'll get metrics on screen about your times, heart rate and more.

However, to really elevate your workout game, combining it with an Apple Watch, such as the series 9, is absolutely worth doing. I completed the takeover videos with the Series 9 and I love that it offers so many stats.

My total heart rate, active kilocalories and more are all shown as you complete the class. Having a measure of the work I'm doing is, for me, crucial in tracking my progress.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is great for tracking all kinds of workouts
The Apple Watch Series 9 is great for tracking all kinds of workouts

During the chat with Joe, I also spoke to Jay Blahnik, Vice President of Apple Fitness+, who explained a little more about why having the tech gear is so beneficial. "The watch really takes it to the next level and what we like to say is that the watch can really provide measurement as motivation.

"Even just seeing how your workouts impact your day or how you're walking outside might just help you go a little bit further. Whether you're big into exercise or you just like to walk to work. There are lots of celebrations and wins on the watch that take measurement and turn it into motivation."

Is Apple Fitness+ worth getting?

Overall, I would say yes. As someone who exercises regularly, who is an Apple user all-round and does not want to spend upwards of £50 a month on a gym membership, Apple Fitness+ is worth it

I consider it a bit like paying for my Apple Music subscription, I pay roughly £10 a month to have an entire library of music at my fingertips, having an equivalent for exercise and health seems like a no-brainer.

I'm an Apple customer but I hadn't used Apple Fitness+ before now, so logging on as a first-timer this month, I was immediately met with an entire library of workouts ranging from HIIT to yoga, with meditation thrown in, too, all fronted by professionals who are there to push you to your best.

It's worth caveating that there are choices in abundance, which is great and undoubtedly a bonus, but for beginners, this could be overwhelming. 'Where do I start?' was my initial thought.

I recommend figuring out what sort of workouts you know you like doing (some Pilates? Perhaps a go at kickboxing?) and collating your own workout collection to suit your goals and interests. Thank me later.

New subscribers to Apple Fitness+ get one month free, then pay £9.99/month or £79.99 annually.

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