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I tried Reformer Pilates to see why A-listers love it - here's what I found

Could celeb favourite Reformer Pilates be my new favourite hobby?

Lotti B
Nichaela George
Social VIdeo Producer
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Pilates is big time at the moment. Everyone from Maya Jama to Dua Lipa love it and every time I open Instagram orTikTok, there's a Pilates video on my feed. Plus Pilates totally taps into the ‘clean girl’ and ‘that girl’ aesthetics. 

While it's everywhere on social media right now, Pilates dates back to the 1920s and yummy mummies and supermodels alike have been attending weekly sessions since before TikTok existed. But with it the exercise on everyone's lip right now, I decided it was time to Reformer Pilates to see if it's worth the hype.


Pilates or Reformer Pilates has stolen the heart of many celebs with Meghan Markle, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner all publicly sharing their love for it - but why!? HELLO!’s Social Video Producer Nichaela George tried it for herself, and here’s her honest review 👀 #pilates #reformerpilates #honestreview #pilatesreview #celeb #celebworkout

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Adele, Harry Styles and Meghan Markle are amongst other A-listers who enjoy the Pilates, thanks to its promises to support mobility, strengthen major muscle groups, whilst improving posture, flexibility and balance. I have to say, I am no Meghan Markle, nor do I have the fitness levels to run around Madison Square Garden like Harry Styles - but that didn't put me off trying.

What happened when I tried Reformer Pilates?

I visited Studio Anatomy in Hackney, East London, for a Beginners Reformer Pilates class one grey Sunday morning and the only word I could use to describe the experience was humbling! 

Studio Anatomy Pilates Class
Studio Anatomy Pilates Class

Looking back, the calming interiors that greeted me when I arrived, and aesthetic studio lulled me into a false sense of security. I’ve seen videos of athletes trying Pilates and laughed at their struggles , but when it was my turn, there was nothing funny about it. I engaged muscles I had longed forgotten about and discovered muscles in places I didn’t know I had (I probably should’ve listened more in PE)

My class was led by Olitta Ogarro, who instructed what felt like death defying moves and kindly helped keep me on track. 

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During the class, I realised why people are so obsessed with Pilates. Not only is it challenging, you can tell it'll be beneficial for other exercise routines. I started learning how to ice skate in 2023, and throughout my Pilates session, I realises how much Pilates could help me improve my balance on the ice. "Pilates is brilliant to accompany other disciplines you enjoy,"  Lotti Benardout, the founder of Studio Anatomy told me.

Studio Anatomy Hackney© Chris Mitchell
Studio Anatomy Hackney

After completing the class, I was a mixture of both pride and confusion. Proud I had got through it, confusion because there was now a whole new level of fitness I didn’t know existed - and I’d happily go again! 

As someone who loves a challenge but can also find themselves easily bored when I get too used to a routine, the exercise was a breath of fresh air in my fitness perspective… something that has been long overdue!  

Is Pilates a good hobby for adults?

After the class, I sat down with Lotti Benardout to chat about the inspiraiton behind setting up the studio.

The soon-to-be-mother-of-two first fell in love with exercise whilst touring with her band HÆLOS (Haelos). "I’d always try to find the local Pilates studio, do a class and it would be my little moment to myself among the chaos."

As well as spot to work your muscles, Studio Anatomy sees itself as a social haven for its members too. "If you find a studio you love, there’s a real social and community side to it," Lotti says.

Studio Anatomy Pilates
Studio Anatomy Pilates

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Fellow fitness trainer Courtney Black agrees on the benefits of Pilates, but explains it needs to be part of a wider routine. "Pilates is amazing, but is it going to transform your body on its own? No." 

She then went on to explain that the medium isgreat to do alongside strength and cardio training, to help assist the recovery process, adding, "The perfect plan is to do strength training, cardio and Pilates once or twice a week - having a balance of all the things you love doing”.


Book a class at Studio Anatomy here.

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