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Laura Jackson's Happy Hitlist: Cornwall getaways, lavender oil and post-birth margarita

The Comic Relief ambassador exclusively shares her Happy Hitlist  

Laura Jackson wearing shaun the sheep apron with hand up on yellow backdrop
Katie Daly
Lifestyle Writer
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It can be the simplest of things that make us happy – a Cornish getaway, time with family, or a spritz of relaxing pillow spray at the end of a long day. Or at least that's the case for TV presenter Laura Jackson. 

The co-host of Britain's Best Beach Huts, 37, has earned time in the spotlight as the presenter of the likes of BBC's Ready or Not through to ITV's Take Me Out: The Gossip. She has also made her name as a hosting expert as the co-owner of an East London supper club, Jackson&Levine, with her friend and the co-creator of My Dad Wrote a Porno, Alice Levine. 

Laura selfie with Jay Blades© Instagram
Laura presents Britain's Best Beach Huts with Jay Blades

But away from the camera, Laura enjoys a quieter life with her husband of seven years Jonathan Gorrigan, and their three young children Sidney, Remy, and Nico. As part of HELLO! Happiness, we quizzed this year's Comic Relief ambassador on what makes her happiest.

My Happy Place

"My happy place is Cornwall. It's actually where I got married, and have spent lots of holidays with my family there. I have been visiting a little village on the Roseland Peninsula since I was a little girl, and it holds great memories. It’s such a beautiful place and I feel so relaxed and at peace whenever I go there. It’s my favourite place in the world away from the city, right by the sea. No matter how popular it gets, it will always be my escape from the noise."

Laura is a mum of two
Laura is a mum of three

My Happiest Memory

"Buttered toast after giving birth would be my happiest memory! They give you this and a cup of tea after giving birth in hospital, and it's magic. Although I had my two sons at home, and had a margarita post-birth on both occasions, so that is also high up there for happy memories."

Laura selfie with baby© Instagram
Laura shared her post-birth treat

My Happiest Song

"My happiest song would be The Joubert Singers' 'Stand On The Word'. It was my first dance song at my wedding and it's a song that is just so happy and fun. I love it, and it always reminds me of a very happy day."

Laura on holiday eating ice cream© Instagram
Laura shared her favourite memories with HELLO!

My Happiest Scent

"I will always love lavender oil because I have this on my pillow most nights. I really love essential oils, and they make me feel good. Lavender is a very calming smell and I find it helps me to relax, especially at bedtime."

Laura smiling holding drink© Instagram
Laura shares what makes her happy

My Happiest Meal

"I’ve got to say, I love a Wagamama, it never fails to make me happy. It's my family's go-to, we all love it there. They are so relaxed about kids, they have crayons, and don't make you feel like the worst person on earth when your kids misbehave. Plus, it's also always delicious!".

Laura's kids and husband at restaurant© Instagram
Laura goes out for food with her family

My Happy Person

"My Husband. He always makes sure I get the slightly less burnt piece of toast, the hottest cup of tea, and the nicest-looking plate of dinner. I thank my lucky stars for him every day." 

Laura on holiday with Jonathan © Instagram
Laura married Jonathan in 2017

My Happiest Day

"If I were to think of the happiest day possible, I would be up at 7:00 am. I love waking up early. Then, I’d cook pancakes to eat for breakfast with my family. I’d go for a swim, then a pub lunch with all my mates and our kids."

Laura outside brick house holding baby© Instagram
Laura's happy days are spent with her kids

My Happiest Achievement

"Without a doubt, my happiest achievement is my family. Nothing is more important than my husband and my kids - I love my job too, but what I am most proud of is my family."

Laura's husband and kids on bike© Instagram
Laura's happy place is her family

My Happiest Holiday

Laura holding up her child in sea© Instagram
Laura shared her happiest memory

"EVERY HOLIDAY! I am a very keen traveler and I make sure I carve out time every year to travel to places for food, culture, and design inspiration. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some amazing places, and I feel grateful for every single one. I recently went to Mexico City, which has got to be one of the best cities in the world. I thought the food was incredible. I especially loved the tuna tostadas from a restaurant called Restaurante Contramar."

Laura with snorkel on with daughter© Instagram
Laura enjoys a family holiday to unwind

My Secret To Happiness is

Laura in comic relief apron© DAN KENNEDY
Laura is a Comic Relief ambassador

"Giving back! It’s been great to support the Comic Relief apron campaign, available at HomeSense now. Comic Relief is such a brilliant charity, and I’ve loved playing a part in this year’s campaign."

Laura is supporting Red Nose Day by wearing an exclusive apron from this year’s incredible collection, featuring cracking designs from Aardman, available at Homesense and TK Maxx stores and online at from February 2024 to raise money for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a registered charity in England & Wales (326568) & Scotland (SC039730).

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