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Get the look: Bare-faced chic – how to look good through a workout

May 13, 2008
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While you probably don't want to look set to walk the red carpet as you mount the treadmill, there's nothing wrong with using the odd, strategically placed bit of make-up to make sure you feel comfortable dressed down at the gym…

* Foundation's out, not least because it won't last through a sweaty workout, but also because as your circulation rises and your skin starts to redden, your normal shade starts to look distinctly mismatched. Instead, use a facial self-tan the night before it needs four hours to develop and will end up blotchy and streaked if you go to the gym before it's finished. It will help tone down redness caused by exercise. Alternatively, go for a tinted moisturiser with a liquid concealer on undereyes and spots.

* Waterproof mascara in brown looks less dramatic and more natural than black, but skip eyeliner as it will smudge. Drawing in eyebrows, however, is a great way of making your features look more defined and less washed out – but always use an eyebrow pencil, which is waxy enough to be waterproof, rather than powdery shadows, which will look patchy and smudge.

* A dab of cheek stain looks more natural on sheer skin than cream or powder and lasts longer. Apply only a little to the apples to avoid ruddiness as your cheeks start to redden naturally with exercise.

* Go for a waxy texture on the lips for staying power – a tinted lip balm or a sticky sheer gloss. 

* And tie hair back if you can. Ponytails worn high on the head make you look more youthful than low-slung styles, as well as draw the eye upwards for a flattering face-lengthening effect. Loop the tail back on itself through the band so ends don't get sweaty and stick against the neck.

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