Beauty hack: How to brighten tired eyes (when you've had very little sleep!)

Tired eyes? HELLO!'s beauty influencer Alex Light shows you how to fake bigger and brighter eyes in 30 seconds...

Tired eyes? Yes, of course. All the damn time – I am, as the now iconic meme goes, a sleepy girl with a busy life. So yes, I have tired eyes. Luckily, I know a very quick and easy trick to help combat this problem – it requires one product and about a minute of your time. Take a nude eyeliner – the one I used in this video is the Roller Eye Bright Pencil, £16.50, from Benefit but most make-up brands have a similar version – or a white eyerliner and trace along the waterline, the area just above the lower lashes. Finish with a slick – or ten, if you're anything like me – of mascara and your eyes instantly look bigger, brighter and your I-only-got-five-hours look is history!

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VIDEO: How to make your eyes look brighter

Here's how to get brighter looking eyes

1. Late night? Got tired eyes?

2. You can make your eyes look bigger and brighter with one VERY simple trick!

3. Take a white or nude eyeliner and apply to the waterliner

4. Et voilà! - bye bye tired eyes!

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