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Beauty hack: How to get bigger eyelashes using a hairdryer

HELLO!'s beauty influencer Alex Light shows you how to get bigger, better lashes with this simple trick...

Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
19 December 2018
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So, we all know about eyelash curlers, right? They're amazing - they help lift and curl your lashes for a more fluttery effect. But are you ready for the pièce de resistance? The thing that'll help them get bigger, better and more beaut? It's a hairdryer. Yep, you read right. 

I've been hoarding this eyelash curling hack for quite some time, but I feel that it is my duty to share this bit of beauty magic... 

Blasting your eyelash curlers with the hairdryer literally takes your lash game to the next level, and have you fluttering those lashes like a pro.


Here's how to get bigger, better eyelashes using a hairdryer:

1. Put your hairdyer on medium heat but maximum speed

2. Blast the curlers for 10 seconds, then touch them with your hands to make sure they're not too hot!

3. Curl the lashes by holding them down for 10 seconds

4. Blast eyelashes with the cool setting on the hairdryer for a couple of seconds to ensure maximum curl. Ta-da!

Check back in next week to see my next beauty hack! And if you'd like to know how to use sellotape to get the perfect eyeliner flick, watch my beauty hack from last week.

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