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Celebrity Halloween makeup looks to inspire your 2020 look

Halloween makeup inspired by celebrities...

halloween celebrity looks
Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
Updated: November 1, 2019
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Sometimes, for Halloween, you've just got to go big or go home. If you're racking your brain for some decent makeup looks to copy, let us help you out a little.

Whether you want to go small or go to the extreme, we've got plenty to inspire you for your next Halloween party - even if it is on Zoom.

heidi klum halloween© Photo: Getty Images

Looking to the celebrities, how about dressing up like Margot Tenenbaum like Holly Willoughby once did, or Sandy from Grease like Gigi Hadid? Or what about styling yourself like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent - we love actress Grace Elizabeth's attempt. If you want to go for something a little more fun, look to Sarah Michelle Gellar when she did unicorn face paint... 

Heidi Klum's shimmering gold makeup

You can't mention 'Halloween makeup' without paying tribute to Heidi Klum. The supermodel is notorious for her extravagant costumes and she goes all out when it comes to 31 October. This is one of our favourite looks of hers, mainly because it's probably the easiest to recreate without the help of a professional! All you really need, aside from an ornate headpiece, is gold glitter, black eyeliner and a ton of glittery setting spray.  

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kendall jenner halloween© Photo: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner's Barbie-inspired makeup

We love Kendall Jenner's 2018 Halloween look so much! It's like Barbie wandered onto the set of Austin Powers and became a fembot. From the exaggerated bouffant hair, flawless complexion and pink pouty lips to her Romy & Michelle-inspired pink sheer and feathered negligée – Kendall nailed this look. 

demi lovato halloween zombie© Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato as a zombie

What could be more frightening on Halloween than dressing up as a zombie? Demi Lovato nailed her undead look back in 2013, adding lashings of fake blood, fake cuts and bloodstained clothes. And when it comes to this look, there's no such thing as too much setting powder – just make sure it's white for extra ghostly definition.

Keep scrolling for more Halloween makeup inspiration...

ashanti halloween© Photo: Getty Images

Ashanti as Smurfette

You've got to admire Ashanti's dedication to Halloween, dressing up as Smurfette back in 2015. But, it is probably one of the easiest looks to pull off considering all you really need is blue body paint, a Smurf hat, white dress and a blonde wig – just don't expect to wear the white dress again!

kylie jenner aeriel

Kylie Jenner as Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Wow! Kylie Jenner went all out for Halloween 2019, taking on one of our favourite Disney characters, Ariel. With her fiery red hair, red lips and incredible outfit, we love how much effort that went into her look. And note the fishnet tights on her arms to look like scales... genius. 

maya jama

Maya Jama as a mermaid

Can we take a moment to appreciate Maya Jama's Mermaid makeup, please? Starting from her hair and continuing down her neck with glitter, face jewels and perfectly blended turquoise and pink shadow, Maya looked every inch a seductive Siren - we don't know about you but we've definitely been lured in. Oh and don't get us started on that turquoise wig!

holly willoughby

Holly Willoughby as Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz

From her auburn wig to her perfect french plaits tied with baby blue ribbon, there's no doubting who Holly was for Halloween. Perfectly nailing Dorothy's youthful glow with her natural makeup look. Holly wore a peachy blush, a subtle pink lip and lightly smoked eyes to achieve the perfect Wizard of Oz look.

sofia richie sleeping beauty

Sofia Richie as Sleeping Beauty

She has had quite the Princess life, what with being the daughter of King of cheese, Lionel Richie, but Sofia took on the role of Sleeping Beauty like a pro. From the flawless makeup to the ethereal blonde hair and the diamond tiara... stunning. 

mrs hinch halloween

Mrs Hinch as Mrs Hinchoween

Markeup artist Georgia Nelson created this beauty look for Mrs Hinch and hairstylist Carl Bembridge gave her a hair transformation to give her a ghoulish look for Halloween 2019. Death by a Minky? Who'd have thought it?! 

maya jama halloween

Maya Jama as a skeleton 

For Coach's Halloween parade, Maya Jama was the belle of the ball with a dramatic skull makeup look, complete with glittery eyes. Make-up artist Letitia Sophia created the look, and WOW. 

ashley graham halloween

Ashley Graham as Jessica Rabbit

Ashley Graham dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween 2019 and looked incredible. Naturally, she had her own glam squad which consisted of makeup artist Ash K Holm and hairstylist Justine Marjan. We love the lilac eye makeup which matched her purple latex gloves perfectly.

demi lovato halloween

Demi Lovato as Marie Antoinette

Demi Lovato took on Marie Antoinette for her Halloween 2019 look, and she looked incredible. Celebrity makeup artist Etienne was behind the look, and Demi's hair was coiffed to perfection by Paul Norton who used Unite hair products and Babyliss Pro tools.

halloween holly

Holly Willoughby as Margot Tenenbaum

How awesome did Holly Willoughby's makeup look when she dressed up as Margot Tenenbaum for one of Jonathan Ross's infamous Halloween bashes. 

amanda holden halloween© Photo: Instagram

Amanda Holden recreates The Handmaid's Tale

Amanda Holden used a nipple cover to achieve her Handmaid’s Tale Halloween look back in 2018. The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed her scary special effects makeup hack when she showed off a fake bloodied eye on Instagram. She captioned the shot: “Under his eye #handmaids #halloween #mu by #me! Amazing what you can do with a nipple cover!”

nicole scherzinger halloween

Nicole Scherzinger as a dead cat

The Pussycat Dolls singer sported piercing pale blue contacts, heavy black eye makeup and blood dripping from her face when she dressed up like a dead cat for one of Heidi Klum's Halloween party's.

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halloween bella

Bella Hadid as Lydia from Beetlejuice

We can't get over how chic Bella Hadid looked for Halloween 2018 when she and her then-boyfriend, The Weeknd, dressed up as Lydia and Beetlejuice. She channelled Winona Ryder's character perfectly. 

halloween leona

Leona Lewis as a genie in a bottle

Leona Lewis loves Halloween and always dresses to impress. Back in 2018, she rocked up to a Hollywood party as a genie in a bottle

halloween lupita

Lupita Nyong'o as Dionne from Clueless

This is major! Lupita, complete with a huge brick phone, dressed up as Dionne from Clueless. The red lip, the red nails and the glowing skin... AS IF someone could look this good. 

kylie jenner halloween© Photo: Instagram

Kylie Jenner with Barbie makeup

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sported a blonde wig, a pink swimming costume and perfect makeup to rock her Barbie look. 

sophie turner halloween© Photo: Instagram

Sophie Turner as Morticia Addams

It's amazing what vampy makeup, red lips, contour and a dark wig can do - Sophie Turner really gave it her all as she pretended to be Morticia Addams for Halloween. Nicely done! 

michelle keegan© Photo: Instagram

Michelle Keegan as a fortune teller

Michelle gives serious fortune teller goals with her headscarf, body jewels, lip piercing and pirate-ready hoops. We love the spooky element of the white-out contact lenses. 

gigi hadid halloween

Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease

Flawless skin, a feline flick and a killer red lip - doing Sandy from Grease is pretty easy, wouldn't you say? It's the hair that's potentially the tricky part - getting a big mane of perfect curls requires a lot of hairspray. 

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grace elizabeth halloween

Grace Elizabeth as Angelina Jolie in Maleficent 

For Maleficent, it's all about porcelain skin, dramatic eyes and a perfect red pout. The all-important addition to your Angelina Jolie-inspired look is heavy contour on the cheekbones. 

danielle lineker halloween

Danielle Lineker's Midsummer Night's Dream costume

Not your regular fancy dress costume, but we're really loving Danielle Lineker's Midsummer Night's Dream costume she wore to Jonathan Ross's annual Halloween party. The look requires green face makeup, some sparkle, and metallic spray. 

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heather graham halloween

Heather Graham's Sugar Skull face paint 

You can be so creative with a Day of The Dead Sugar Skull look on Halloween. To do the look yourself, we'd recommend following makeup artist Lisa Potter Dixon's version - it's amazing. Watch the video on her YouTube channel.

jennifer lopez halloween

Jennifer Lopez as a skeleton

JLo went for the popular skeleton design for her 2016 Halloween look. The sultry stare and the burgundy lips are an excellent combination, but this one is pretty easy to do when you have the right tools.

leona lewis halloween

Leona Lewis's galaxy look

You've got to love Leona Lewis's dedication to Halloween with this sci-fi look. From the silver space buns to the metallic outfit and the full-on lilac body paint, Leona really dressed to impress.

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lindsay lohan halloween

Lindsay Lohan as Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn was one of the most popular outfits of 2016/2017 thanks to Margot Robbie's character in The Suicide Squad. To copy the look, watch Christen Dominique's impressive step-by-step tutorial.

sarah michelle gellar halloween

Sarah Michelle Gellar with unicorn face makeup

Sarah channeled a magical mermaid with her multicoloured hair, neon fish scales, glitter, and lots of lashes. 

alessandra ambrosio halloween

Alessandra Ambrosio as a magical unicorn

Of course a Victoria's Secret model nails Halloween! For this particular party, the bombshell dressed up as a magical unicorn complete with ice-blue contact lenses.

anne hathaway halloween

Anne Hathaway as Cleopatra

The actress served up an excellent Cleopatra look for Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2004.

em rata halloween

Emily Ratajkowski as Marge Simpson 

We'd have hated to see Emily's bedsheets after this Halloween party... 

The yellow-skinned beauty nailed her Halloween costume when she went dressed up like Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. 

kim kardashian halloween

Kim Kardashian dressed up as Poison Ivy

When Kim attended the Midori Green party in 2011, she wore a Poison Ivy inspired costume. To recreate this you'll need a bright red wig, no doubt about it. 

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