Rebecca Ferguson introduces her daughter Arabella

X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has given an exclusive interview to HELLO! Magazine in which she reveals the heartbreaking secret behind her recent pregnancy.

The singer, who gave birth to third child, daughter Arabella, two weeks ago, says the father of the baby ended the relationship when she told him she was expecting – and confessed he already had a girlfriend.

"On the outside everyone must have thought everything was rosy at home," she told HELLO! "I kept a smile on my face and kept all my feelings inside because I had this awful feeling of shame, but I was heartbroken.

"I was fuming when I found out, I was so angry. The way I was treated was wrong. I think some people think you're devastated because you want the man, but it's not that. It's devastating for a woman because it's a normal thing for your child to be wanted."

But, she adds, she doesn't harbor any bitterness against her ex and wants to thank him for her 'gift from God'.

"I don't hold any hate towards him," she continued. “He wasn’t ready to be a dad and that’s up to him. I’m not in his shoes and I can’t force him. I’m happy with his decision now and I wish him and his partner well."

Rebecca tells the magazine that during her pregnancy she set up a website for fellow single mums to chat to each other, as she needed that vital support. "Imagine being a woman who has to go home, she has no support from her man financially, she's trying to scrape a life together and as well as that she's being shunned," she said. "That’s all I kept on thinking. 'If this is hard for me, imagine if I didn’t have people to lean on and a career to look forward to?"

Happily, Rebecca had a knight in shining armour – her good friend Karl Dures the father of her eldest two children. Despite their platonic relationship, he has offered to raise Arabella as his own.

"Karl has been a huge support, we're really good friends. He was there for the birth and he has offered to adopt her and be her dad too. He has given her his name, which is lovely, so she will be the same as the other kids.”

To read more of the interview with Rebecca Ferguson, pick up the latest issue of HELLO! magazine out now.

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