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Kristina Rihanoff reveals the one thing she wants for baby Mila

Ainhoa Barcelona
Content Managing Editor
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Kristina Rihanoff has many hopes and dreams for her newborn daughter Mila.

But the one thing that she wants for her adorable little girl that she didn't have while growing up is... for her to become a world traveller.

In her HELLO! Online blog about motherhood, Kristina explained that living in Soviet Russia as a child meant she didn't have the same luxuries as her daughter.

kristina4© Photo: HELLO!

"I want her to be open-minded and be educated about different cultures," said Kristina

"I would like Mila to be a world traveller and see other cultures, see other ways of life," wrote Kristina. "I grew up in Soviet Russia and didn't travel properly until I was about 23 when I went to America and couldn't speak English.

"It was a massive shock to me, it was very difficult because of the different culture. I found it difficult to settle in, which is why I think it's great that Mila is growing up in a different age and a different place.

"I want her to a world traveller and be open-minded and be educated about different cultures."

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kristina katya© Photo: HELLO!

The new mum with her three-month-old daughter Mila, and her friend Katya Virshilas

Kristina, 39, was answering a fan's question in her blog post. The new mum also revealed that she plans to take Mila to Russia, where Kristina's mum still lives, next summer when the tot is a bit older.

"I'm hoping to take her to my hometown Vladivostok," said the dancer. "August is the most beautiful time there and I just want her to get to know her Russian heritage. I speak to her in Russian when it's just the two of us, I want her to be bilingual and I want her to be able to communicate with my mum and her Russian side of the family."

kristina insta1© Photo: Instagram

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Kristina welcomed her first child with her partner Ben Cohen in June. She has relied on the former rugby star, her mum and Ben's mum for help adjusting in her new role.

Speaking about the first time she left Mila for a few hours, Kristina wrote: "It does feel a little strange when you're away from your baby for a few hours. It's really weird because I'm so used to having her in my arms and I always feel like I'm rushing to go home to see her.

"You don't have that freedom anymore but actually, you feel happy about the fact that you have a baby at home to go to. It still isn't easy to leave her but she's in very good hands. Ben is amazing with her, as is his mum."

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