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Top 10 baby names revealed for summer

The trend this season is taking inspiration from nature

summer baby names
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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The top 10 most popular baby names for boys and girls this summer have been revealed. According to a new research from Emma's Diary, the trend this season for boys and girls is taking inspiration from nature, and in particular water, with 42% of parents choosing water-themed baby names.

Overall, names themed around water, flowers and gems were popular for baby girls. For boys, parents also opted for names in keeping with water, nature and the sun.

summer baby names

In the case of girls, 65 per cent of parents chose flower-inspired baby names, with the top three most popular names being Lily, Daisy and Rose. For boys, the top three names are Leo, Dylan and River.

Names inspired by the water and the natural world, such as Oceana, Coral and Sky, were popular names for girls, with 20% of parents choosing these monikers. Reflective of this trend, a further 22 per cent of parents also chose water-inspired names for their baby boys, with River, Fisher and Kai (the Hawaiian meaning for 'sea') all making the top ten.

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In keeping with the summer period, seasonal names such as Theros (the Greek name for summer), Nikko (the Japanese meaning for light or sun) and the name Sunny proved popular for boys, with Summer also ranking high for girls.

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baby names summer

Celebrities who have chosen nature-inspired names include Jools and Jamie Oliver, whose youngest son is called River, as is Kelly Clarkson's daughter. Christina Aguilera named her daughter, who was born on 16 August, Summer Rain. Pink, whose daughter is named Willow, and Forest Whitaker, whose son is called Ocean, are just some of the celebrities who have been inspired by earthy names.

Top 10 summer baby names for girls

1. Lily 2. Daisy 3. Rose 4. Summer 5.J asmine 6. Sky 7. Ruby 8. Coral 9. Dahlia 10. Oceana

Top 10 summer baby names for boys

1. Leo 2. Dylan 3. River 4. Kai 5. Eden 6. Sunny 7. Beckett 8. Nikko 9. Theros 10. Fisher

Parents can visit the Baby Zone area at Emma's Diary to find their perfect baby name today:

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