Mandy Moore stresses importance of birth control

The actress wants to encourage women to educate themselves about their contraception options

Actress Mandy Moore wants to take birth control "out of the realm of a taboo" with her new pharmaceutical campaign. The This Is Us star has teamed up with bosses at medication corporation Merck for the company's Her Life Her Adventures outreach drive, a push to encourage women to educate themselves about their contraception options.

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"Wellness should be an all-encompassing term that includes being mindful of family planning or birth-control options," Mandy tells New York Magazine's The Cut about her decision to join the campaign. "That's something that's really important to me and I don't think it's really discussed enough."


"Family planning and birth control have been top of mind for me for a while," she added. "It's a choice that I've made in consultation with my doctor. I want to continue this dialogue and take it out of the realm of a taboo. It's empowering to know what your options are and make the best choice for you."

Mandy, who finalised her divorce from rocker Ryan Adams last year, is a huge proponent of self-care and to maintain personal wellness, the brunette beauty relies on a combination of Eastern medicines and alternative therapies for maximum health.


If you wished you knew more about your birth control options, you're not alone according to a recent online survey. Stay tuned for more information.

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"I love acupuncture and I love getting body work done," she shares. "I was going through a particularly stressful chapter of my life and acupuncture was so helpful.

"I had friends who were big proponents of it and it helped them for a myriad of different things - whether it was fertility problems, period cramps, or rehab after surgery. Personally, I went for the mental well-being aspect of it. I just needed to relax. But it's in concert with going to talk therapy, yoga, eating better, or spending more time with my girlfriends."