The popular girls' names that are most commonly mispronounced

How many are you saying incorrectly?...

We all know how to pronounce popular girls' name like Jessica, Sophie and Emma – but there are some monikers it's a little harder to get right. Recent years have seen less common names enjoy a boost in popularity, which can sometimes prove problematic when it comes to the correct pronunciation. Names including Mia, Kyra, Eva and Siobhan are among those most commonly mispronounced – but how many are you getting right? Take a look at our list of the ten girls' names most people trip up on…

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Kyra – Of Greek origin, meaning sun or lord. This is a tricky one; some people pronounce it KYE-rah, while others say KEER-ah. It can also be spelled Kira. Your best bet it to ask!

Siobhan – Of Irish origin, meaning God is gracious. The name Siobhan is officially pronounced shi-VON, although it can also be said shi-VAWN.

Popular girls' names including Mia and Kyra are often mispronounced

Isla – Of Scottish origin, derived from 'Islay', which is the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland. It is also the name of two Scottish rivers. Remember, the S is totally silent. Isla is pronounced EYE-lah.

Mia – Of Latin origin, meaning wished-for child. Mia can be pronounced as MEE-yuh or MY-uh, which can also be spelt Maya.

Layla – Of Arabic origin, meaning night. The name Layla is most commonly pronounced LAY-luh but it can also be said as LY-luh.

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Gaia – Of Greek origin, meaning earth. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth. Gaia – the name chosen by actress Emma Thompson for her daughter – should be pronounced GUY-uh, and not GAY-uh.

Kaia – Of Hawaiian origin, meaning sea. Pronounced KY-a or KAY-a. Cindy Crawford's model daughter goes by the first of the two options.

Madeleine – Origin from the French variation of Magdalen. Can also be spelt Madeline. Pronunciations can vary between mad-eh-LEN, mad-eh-LYNE and mad-eh-LEEN.

Leigh – A variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Lee (Old English). Should be pronounced Lee – in the same way, Ashleigh should be pronounced Ash-LEE.

Eva – Derived from the Hebrew name meaning life. Eva is most commonly pronounced EE-vuh, although it can also be said EY-yuh.

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