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Dawn O’Porter reveals why she never posts photos of her children online and future baby plans

We caught up with the writer of So Lucky...

Dawn O’Porter reveals why she never posts photos of her children online and future baby plans

Dawn O'Porter has revealed why she and husband Chris O'Dowd have yet to share a single photograph of their children on social media. The Sunday Times Bestselling author explains she's still working out what her children Art and Valentine's personalities are like so until they actively choose to be on Instagram, she'll make sure their photos are not shared anywhere.

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"I think bringing kids up in LA - I don’t know what their future looks like in terms of being teenagers and who their friends will be but they’re not going to get any level of celebrity from me at all.

"If they ever want to be in the public eye, that’s going to be something they do themselves. And secondly, I don’t know if it’s a good idea! When the kids are this age, the main reason is I don’t know if I’m raising introverts or extroverts and if I splash them all over the internet, one day they [may say] 'I really wish you hadn’t done that'".

dawn o porter chris emmy awards

Dawn O'Porter lives in LA with husband Chris O'Dowd

Dawn is a super hard-working mum; in between television presenting, founding the Help Refugees charity, and writing her novels The Cows and her new release So Lucky, it’s remarkable that she has time to share her life (hilariously) on Instagram too. But we're so glad she does!

And while Dawn may be very protective of Art and Valentine's online personas we can't help but wonder if we can expect to see baby number three anytime soon."No!" she replies very firmly. "My leg clamps are on!"

So hopefully that means more time for writing! Her new book So Lucky focuses on three women: Ruby, the mum of a toddler with an embarrassing medical condition, Lauren, a social media star who isn’t as happy behind the filter, and Beth, who seems to "have it all" but isn't happy in her marriage. We think it’s brilliant, and would love to see it on the big screen, so couldn’t help but ask whether Dawn had anyone in mind to play the characters. She weighs in: "Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Ruby - I mean, I thought about her as I was writing it, even before Fleabag had this moment, I couldn’t get her out of my head". Make. It. Happen.

dawn o porter the cows

Her last novel, The Cows, became a bestseller

In between writing and parenting, Dawn is a regular on television - so could we expect her on Strictly? Unfortunately, although we think she’d be great, we’ll never see her compete for the Glitterball trophy: "It just doesn’t come naturally to me, I’d be horrific - I would get a horrible reputation for being a terrible person because I would just be so horrible to work with because I hate it". Fair enough, she does have enough on her plate, after all!

Dawn O’Porter’s book So Lucky is out now.

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