Charley Webb gets a major hair makeover from son Bowie - see the hilarious results

The Emmerdale actress looked unrecognisable!

Emmerdale actress Charley Webb let her son Bowie loose with her hair on Sunday, and it turned out as any parent would expect - in a painful and knotted mess! 

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In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, the mum-of-three can be seen sitting on a burnt orange quilted sofa in her living room with her blonde hair wrapped across the front of her face. Meanwhile, her four-year-old was positioned on the sofa arm behind her as he gathered all her hair up, appearing to poke her in the eye in the process. 

Charley documented her son Bowie's hairdressing attempts on Instagram

"Playing 'hairdressers.' Having my hair ripped out of my head," Charley jokingly captioned the video. Everyone is excited to once again be able to have our hair cut and styled by professionals following the COVID-19 crisis, but we're not sure it was the hairdressing experience the TV star had in mind.

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Charley and her husband Matthew Wolfenden are also parents to Buster, ten, and 11-month-old Ace. Buster has been staying entertained during the coronavirus lockdown by getting his parents and siblings involved in multiple TikTok videos, including several dance routines. He convinced both Charley and Matthew to dance to a remix of Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls in their beautiful family kitchen, with the pair even allowing the ten-year-old to stand on the stainless steel kitchen table to show off his dance moves.

Days later, Charley and Bowie took part in an incredible dance challenge during a sweet family reunion with her mum, her brother Jamie Lomas and her sister Cassie Lomas. "Me and Bowie drove to Manchester today to have lunch in the garden with my family. First time I've seen them since lockdown. We tried to teach the mother to Tiktok [sic]," Charley captioned a video which showed them performing an impressively choreographed dance routine in the garden. 

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