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The top 20 luckiest baby names of 2020 – and one of them is royal!

Parents are increasingly opting for 'lucky' baby names

Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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Choosing a name to suit your baby is one of the most fun – and tricky – things you'll ever do. When picking the perfect moniker you'll likely consider how it sounds, how it makes you feel and perhaps if the name seems 'lucky' to you. After all, we all want the best lives possible for our children.

Now has examined Nameberry’s Top Baby Names of 2020 and revealed which girls and boys names are bringing parents-to-be hope, luck and good fortune.

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Coming in on top was the girl's name Iris, which means 'rainbow' in Greek and symbolises luck and at number three is Beatrice, like our very own royal Princess BeatriceAsher is deemed the luckiest boy's name, representing 'happy' in Hebrew. 

princess beatrice

Princess Beatrice has a lucky name

The survey also asked 3,428 parents if and why they are considering choosing a lucky baby name for their newborns, with 78% saying they like the idea of a lucky baby name. However, 22% were not taken with the idea.

Of those who said they would consider giving their child a lucky name, a huge 94% believed that by giving their newborn a name with connotations of good luck, it would hopefully help them later in life.

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Want to know the full list of the top 20 lucky names? Read on!

The top 10 most popular lucky girls names and their meanings

1. Iris – Derived from the Greek word Iris, meaning rainbow

2. Evangeline – Has Greek origin, meaning ‘bearer of good news’

3. Beatrice – ‘She who brings happiness; blessed’ in Latin

4. Jade – A precious green stone transmitting wisdom, clarity, justice and courage

5. Kiara – ‘Bright’ or ‘light’ in Italian and ‘God’s precious gift’ in Hindi

6. Felicity – Derived from Latin word Felicitas, meaning ‘luck, good fortune’

7. Winfred – ‘Friend of Peace’

8. Clover – A traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity, particularly when found with four leaves

9. Octavia – Derives from Latin Octavus, meaning eight, which is a lucky number in many cultures and represents infinity

10. Amber – Derived from the Arabic, Ambar, which means jewel

cute babies

Naming your baby is a special moment for all couples

The top 10 most popular lucky boys names and their meanings

 1. Asher – Strong religious connotations such as happiness and joy, or blessings in abundance

2. Felix – Derives from Latin, meaning happy or lucky

3. Quinn – Irish Gaelic origin, meaning sense and intelligence

4. Chance – Often found in Middle English to mean good fortune

5. Bennett – Stems from Latin and means blessed

6. Edmund – Meaning prosperity and riches

7. Benedict – Derives from the Late Latin name Benedictus, meaning blessed

8. Fisher – Meaning ‘fisherman’, linked with superstitions

9. Seven – Has English origin meaning inner wisdom

10. Arley – Rooted in American and Hebrew meaning promise

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