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James and Ola Jordan talk anxiety about leaving Ella for the first time ever 

The former Strictly pros have the latest updates on their beautiful daughter Ella

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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James and Ola Jordan are returning to a TV studio for the first time since lockdown, and while they are looking forward to getting back to work, it also means that they are leaving little Ella with Ola's cousin for the very first time. Find out about their daunting milestone in their Strictly Parenting column here... 

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"Today she is six months old and also the first day we're leaving her alone," James says nervously. "Not alone," Ola corrects. "She's being looked after by my cousin. We're doing some work in London, filming, so we're leaving her for about six hours." 

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She continues: "I feel so strange to be honest, I'm having anxiety! I was feeling like this yesterday and I never thought I'd feel like this." 

James agrees, adding: "Before we had children, we always said we don't understand why people worry. If you trust the person that you're leaving them with it shouldn't be a problem - but it's just different when you have your own child! When you leave them for the first time it's quite a big thing really!

ella jordan in tutu© Photo: Instagram

Baby Ella was looked after by Ola's cousin as the pair did some filming in London

"There might be people out there that think we're stupid for feeling like this, but I think anyone who has children, when you do it for the first time, it is a big deal." 

The pair reveal that they are worried about how Ella might react, since she's never been without both of them for too long. "My cousin is already here and she's spending some time with her now as we get ready, but it is quite stressful really," Ola admits. "I've just done all of my makeup and I'm worried as soon as I walk out of the house I'm going to ruin it. I'm going to say goodbye, but I think I am going to cry! I think I'll be thinking about my baby all the time we're away." 

James jokes: "I'm really nervous, although when we get home Ola's cousin might be like, 'Oh she's been absolutely fine, didn't cry at all,' but then I might be a bit gutted that she didn't miss us!

ella swimming 6© Photo: Instagram

Ella turned six months old on Thursday 27 August

"When you see people on Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity and people cry because they miss their children, I'm always that cynical person who is like, 'Oh my God, get over it! You're going to see them in two weeks!' But I get it now. I do get it." 

He explains: "I think the circumstances are a part of it as well. Because of the lockdown we've been with her every single day for six months. We haven't had dinner just the two of us, we've literally been with her every day and night and so if things had been different, we probably would have left her with someone for a few hours, this is literally the first time. And we're not just going around the corner - we're going to London!" 

ola ella© Photo: Instagram

Ola admitted that she was feeling anxious about leaving her daughter 

However, the former Strictly pros were full of praise for their babysitter, Ola's cousin as James says: "She's in good hands, I'm not worried about that!" 

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While the pair worry about leaving her, little Ella is none the wiser! The pair reveal that, while she still had a slightly grumpy week thanks to teething, she has now become obsessed with baby TV, and they'll pop it on whenever they need a quiet ten minutes! 

"I always thought I'd be one of the mums who would never put the TV on but oh my god it's good if you want ten or 15 minutes to yourself," Ola jokes. James continues: "If we want a cup of coffee in the morning we'll put her in her bouncer and put baby TV on, she's quite satisfied watching that for a while, which is quite nice. I mean, I want to be watching the news, but I'm watching baby TV now.

baby ella cute 9© Photo: HELLO!

Ella is now a huge fan of baby TV 

"She loves it, but then if you put on normal TV she's just not interested. I think it's all of the colours, there are particular songs she really likes that you can tell she recognises it. She dances up and down to it, if something is catchy she'll start rocking herself." 

The new parents also reveal that they have plans to introduce their baby girl to Strictly when it comes back in the next few weeks, as Ola says: "We'll be watching Strictly soon, so she'll watch it then! We always watch it, so now it'll be the three of us watching together. I think she's going to love it." 

In another adorable video, James and Ola caught Ella saying her first words, mama! Ola says: "It's an easy thing to say but she's saying a lot!" James adds: "We're copying her a lot and she'll say it more back to us." 

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Laughing, Ola continues: "Normally the first word is dada, so I'm chuffed!" 

While Ella's sleeping pattern has gotten a little better since their disastrous week last week, she's still not quite sleeping as well as she was. 

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james jordan ella

James ran upstairs after Ella disappeared from their monitor 

"It's still not great, she's waking up around five or 5.30," James admits. "And I think it's because her teeth are bothering her, she's very restless at the moment. She's moving about a lot and the other day, I was watching the screen, went to help Ola in the kitchen, looked back and she wasn't on the screen anymore! I ran upstairs so fast and she'd rolled onto our bed. 

"I've never moved that fast since Strictly!" 

Find out more about James and Ola's parenting journey in their weekly column here 

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